Sunny Leone is ‘serving immorality’ by condom ads, says domestic party

sunny leone, balmy leone condom ad, balmy leone controversy Sunny Leone’s condom ads are being objected by a women’s wing of a Republic Party of India. 

The women’s wing of a Republican Party of India (A) on Monday demanded a yanking of an announcement featuring former adult hostess and Bollywood singer Sunny Leone compelling a condom brand.

“The promotion debate objectifies a delicate gender and has valid to be a perfect annoyance for all women viewers… It’s a really nauseous stage and conveys a really opposite message,” an irritable Women’s Wing secretary Sheela Gangurde told IANS.

She forked out that a ad shown on several radio channels has done it ungainly for a women in a domicile — mother, sister, mother or daughter — to lay together with a family and watch.

“In fact, we have perceived scores of complaints from women viewers, women activists and others on a ‘undesirable’ calm of this and even some other advertisements compelling condoms or contraceptives, and these should be banned,” Gangurde said.


She claimed that a “shabby, incorrigible and nauseous demeanour in that a singer seduces or intimately provokes a male in a ad to use condoms is zero though portion filth and a bad use to a Indian audiences, spiteful their dignified ethos, ethics, eremite and devout values.”

Expressing her “deep anguish”, she pronounced India is modernized though not to a border that such calm can be openly aired or noticed on radio channels by close families during home.

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The celebration – led by Union Minister Ramdas Athavale – has served a week’s final to a supervision to trigger stairs to repel a Suny Leone ad, unwell that it would launch an agitation.

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