Summer Box Office Sequel Surprise: The Equalizer’s Second Installment Upsets Mamma Mia With Stunning Box Office Win!

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Say it ain’t so, Mamma Mia 2!

The supplement to a star-studded strange low-pitched was staid to win during a box bureau this weekend with a female-heavy lineup, and a female-heavy cast, but… it usually didn’t utterly happen!

The Equalizer 2 came on strong, defied predictions, out-paced expectations, and took home a tip container of a box office!

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Starring Denzel Washington, a R-rated Equalizer supplement narrowly out-gunned a ABBA-inspired flick, with Denzel’s second installment holding home a sum of $35.8 million over a opening weekend in theaters opposite North America.

Mamma Mia 2, on a other palm — even notwithstanding Meryl Streep creation a late run during it to play her possess character’s spook nearby a finish of a flick! — only took home $34.4 million in a opening weekend.

Just short!!!

The numbers aren’t good for possibly film in a comparatively still summer weekend in theaters, though it’s about what was approaching for each, with Equalizer somewhat violence out a possess projections.

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Of course, Mamma Mia‘s initial installment behind in summer 2008 grossed usually $27.7 million in a opening weekend, usually after apropos a strike opposite a creation after a delayed bake by theaters.

And The Equalizer‘s initial installment — behind in a tumble of 2014 — was a genuine sleeper strike during a time, opening to $34.1 million domestically and suggesting that a storyline might nonetheless have some-more life in it.

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