Stormy Daniels seeks Trump testimony on her sex claims

Media captionStormy Daniels: ‘I was threatened’

Adult-film star Stormy Daniels has filed a justice suit for US President Donald Trump to attest about her explain that they had a relationship.

Her counsel wants sworn testimony from Mr Trump about a “hush” agreement a singer says she signed.

The attorney, Michael Avenatti, is also seeking a authorised talk with a president’s lawyer.

Ms Daniels alleges she had defenceless sex with Mr Trump in 2006 a year after he married Melania Trump. He denies it.

Mr Avenatti’s motion, filed in a justice in a Central District of California early on Wednesday, ramps adult a authorised duel between a porn star and a president.

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Ms Daniels says she sealed an agreement to keep still about her claims in sell for $130,000 (£91,000) of “hush” income in Oct 2016, days before a presidential election.

In a justice documents, Mr Avenatti pronounced he wanted to take a deposition from Mr Trump and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, for no some-more than dual hours each.

Media captionWhite House: The boss “has consistently denied these allegations”

The counsel pronounced his aim was to settle if a boss consented to a agreement, reports a Washington Post newspaper.

A deposition is out-of-court testimony by a declare – who commits to tell a law on probable chastisement of perjury – that might be used in a authorised case.

More than 22 million Americans tuned in on Sunday night to hear Ms Daniels lay she was threatened by a foreigner in a automobile park in 2011 to “leave Trump alone”.

The disdainful reaped a top ratings for CBS’ 60 Minutes programme in a decade.

On Monday, Ms Daniels filed a lawsuit opposite a president, alleging a non-disclosure agreement was shabby since Mr Trump did not pointer it.

She also sued Mr Trump’s lawyer, arguing he defamed her by suggesting she was a liar.

While Mr Trump has denied her claims, his lawyers are seeking $20m in indemnification from Ms Daniels, arguing she pennyless a non-disclosure deal.

She has duration reportedly extended her national debate of frame clubs, Making America Horny Again, until November.

Ms Daniels is due to seem for dual nights during a frame bar in Washington DC in June.

She has also been touting a $14.99-per-month subscription to her exposed web cam service.