Storm might sweeping 1 area of a US, go easier on another

Storm Could Bring Snow to Midwest and East This Week

By The Weather Channel staff

Another winter charge looks approaching to move a uninformed sweeping of sleet to tools of a Rockies, Midwest and Northeast in a arriving week. However, some in a East, notwithstanding it being a final full week of February, might simply see especially rain, or even thunderstorms.

It’s still distant too shortly to be assured of a accurate details, such as how many snow, sleet or ice this charge might wring out in any area from Tuesday by Friday. However, let’s step by a ubiquitous setup, afterwards day-by-day outlook, as we know it right now.

The Setup

It starts with a powerful jet-stream reeling plunging southeastward from a Rockies into a southern Plains Monday into Tuesday.

By after Wednesday into Thursday, that heated jet-stream charge complement might be injected with even some-more appetite from a northern-branch, or frigid jet tide as it moves into a East.

As a result, low vigour during a aspect is approaching to strengthen rapidly, racing from a southern Plains to a eastern Great Lakes or eastern Canada.

Potential Setup Ahead  Credit: Weather Channel

Uncertainty in a accurate lane of a aspect low-pressure complement still exists, ruling a chain of rain/snow lines and a chain of where a heaviest sleet will fall.

In addition, a bulk and border of a cold atmosphere (in other words, low-level cold atmosphere nearby a aspect cold adequate to support snowflakes flourishing to a ground) also stays rather in doubt during a storm’s initial stages.

However, once a low-pressure complement has strengthened rapidly, deep-enough cold atmosphere will be drawn in a storm’s cold circuit belt to support poignant sleet to a west, northwest and eventually southwest of a low’s track.

Meanwhile, to a easterly of a low’s track, comfortable adequate atmosphere will be drawn north in a storm’s dissemination to keep flood especially in a form of sleet along many of a East Coast.

In some ways, this might be a box of déjà vu after a disaster left behind by Winter Storm Olympia, nonetheless a swath of heaviest sleet will approaching be in a opposite area.

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The Outlook

While a accurate sum can't be dynamic yet, there are some generalities of this intensity Eastern charge commencement to take shape.

Let’s mangle down a latest foresee day-by-day, afterwards outline where a heaviest sleet might fall.


  • Snow in a Rockies and Front Range of Colorado might widespread into a High Plains of western Kansas and presumably a panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Rain and t-storms will widen opposite many of a rest of a South from Texas to a Carolinas and into a Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic Tuesday night.
  • (FORECASTS: Denver | Amarillo | Dallas)

Tuesday's Forecast Rain/Snow/Ice  Credit: Weather Channel


Wednesday's Forecast Rain/Snow/Ice  Credit: Weather Channel


  • Wind-driven, complicated sleet might insist in a eastern Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and Appalachians.
  • Rain persists in many of a Northeast, presumably finale as a brief duration of snow.
  • (FORECASTS: Detroit | Cleveland | Buffalo | Boston)

Thursday's Forecast Rain/Snow/Ice  Photo credit: Weather Channel

How Much Snow?

  • Best possibility for complicated sleet (at slightest 6 inches): Parts of a Colorado Rockies, Lower Michigan, executive Appalachians. There might also be lake-enhanced sleet in some eastern Great Lakes snowbelts Thursday into early Friday.
  • Mainly reduction than 6 inches: High Plains, Ozarks, mid-Mississippi Valley, rest of interior Northeast (northwest of I-95).

Snowfall Potential Through Thursday  The layer foresee accumulation intensity by Thursday.  Photo credit: Weather Channel

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Check behind with us during for a latest on this intensity charge and any approaching foresee changes ahead.