Steven Tyler Offers A Health Update To Address The Heart Attack & Seizure Rumors

Steven Tyler is clearing a air!

Steven Tyler is addressing a seizure reports surrounding his health after it was suggested Aerosmith would be slicing their South America debate brief due to his “unexpected medical issues.”

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Making a statement on a band’s site this week, he wrote:

“It breaks my heart to have left this debate early. The rope has never played better. Just watch a 100,000 people during Rock in Rio. we give we all an A+ for artistic speculations, though we positively did not have a heart conflict or a seizure (unless Joe Perry is holding a rippin’ lead.) Sorry to have cut a debate short, though we had to have a procession that usually my doc in a states could perform. We’ve been to Tel Aviv, to Russia, to Rio, and all a in between. we theory it’s loyal what they say…’that life’s a pisser when eu’re a peein.'”

Whatever a poser procession was, we’re wishing him a rapid recovery!

[Image around Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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