Steve Austin On If Hulk Hogan Ruined His Legacy By Wrestling Past His Prime

Source: Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast

On part 157 of Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, ‘The Last Professional Broadcaster’ Sam Roberts common an speak with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin from 2010. In this mislaid conversation, Austin talked about either he could have wrestled longer, his thoughts on pro wrestlers behaving past their prime, and Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart creation justification with WWE in light of a supposed Montreal Screwjob.

According to Austin, he could have wrestled longer, though a time was right to retire when he did and he did not wish to jeopardise his health over a prolonged term.  

“The reason we got out of veteran wrestling was since my physique said, ‘hey Steve, you’ve had enough.’ And, like we tell everybody, and it’s also true, we could get a integrate of some-more years out of my body. we could, though why? we had a unequivocally physical, assertive style; we took hard, fast, discerning bumps; a piledriver in ’96 or ’97, whatever it was, took a toll. Now, I’m 100% as distant as doing normal tellurian being stuff, though it was time for me to float off into a nightfall and safety my health. And we wish to live an active life for 10 to 20, 30 some-more years doing a things that we do, roving my mud bikes, four-wheelers, and a outside things that we adore to do for a long, prolonged time. And it was only time.”

When asked what Austin creates of Hulk Hogan and other pro wrestling veterans wrestling past their prime, ‘Stone Cold’ pronounced he respects Hogan’s legacy, though he and Hogan were never quite close.

“That’s interesting. we get asked a question, ‘is he ruining his legacy?’ and we consider we always reputable what that man did with his career, an unimaginable box bureau pull and a charismatic performer that so many people grew adult [watching] and idolized. A lot of honour [for] him and that as distant as what he did. we don’t like to speak too most about what are these guys doing still in a ring. That’s a personal decision. we done cave to get out and we live with that decision. I’m cold with it and I’m certain he’s cold with what he’s doing if he’s still doing it.

“Me and Terry [Hogan’s fire initial name] don’t trade phone calls. We’re not a best of friends. We’re not enemies. People contend what they wish to contend or try to stir adult animosity. we don’t reason anything opposite a guy. At a finish of a day, we’re dual of a guys. We’re pro wrestlers. We have a lot of things in common, [and] a lot of things that aren’t in common. But he does what he does and we consider it is what it is. That’s all we can say.”

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Also during a interview, Austin common that he is happy Hart has done justification with WWE, as a outrageous weight has been carried from ‘The Excellence Of Execution’.

“I was blissful to hear it. There was so most genuine passion between [Bret Hart and Vince McMahon] since of all that happened in WWE with a Screwjob in Montreal [Canada] with Bret and Shawn [Michaels]. Then, Bret withdrawal [WWE]. There was only a lot of passion there and Bret unequivocally thinks he got screwed. Not so most in a storyline, though in genuine life. And for him to come behind and put this behind him, during some point, as I’ve left down a highway a few some-more paces, we seem to be creation improved decisions than we did behind in a day, we think, and anything in life, knowledge creates we a improved chairman or a smarter chairman anyway and a ability to take advantage of being means to make improved decisions. And we consider adequate H2O was underneath a overpass that he can finally say, ‘okay, this is cool. we can accept this now. we can live with this.’ And we consider it was like holding a big, 100-pound weight off his behind and for them to be means to have closure in that storyline as a WWE angle, and closure to their genuine understanding angle in life, a passion between them, we consider it’s a good thing.”

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