Starbucks’ OFFICIAL New Drink Is A Thin Mint-Inspired Frappuccino And, Well, DROOL…

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This is going to give us a Girl Scout cookie fix!

OK, so a Unicorn Frappuccino is ancient history, and a Mermaid frap is just a parable for now… though Starbucks is not wasting any time phenomenon your new addiction.

And it’s… surprisingly traditional!

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The Midnight Mint Mocha Frap is done of alternating layers of extra-dark cocoa blended coffee and churned cream — fundamentally it’s as tighten as we can get to a glass Thin Mint.

Sounds delish, though we can’t assistance though consternation if this easy-to-make frap is privately for a disgruntled baristas who hated creation Unicorns

Oh, and BTW, a S’Mores Frap is behind for a singular time, too! It’s all during your internal Starbucks starting May 2 — as prolonged as reserve last!

[Image around Starbucks]

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