Star Wars Meets Horror In This HIGHlarious Cosplay Mashup!

The best thing about gathering season? It gives us that sweet, honeyed dress repair 3 months before Halloween!

The initial good one we’ve seen this year has to be this ridic Star Wars/horror novel mashup: Edgar Allan Poe Dameron!

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Cosplayer Beth Grimes blew divided fans on a building of Minnesota’s CONvergence this past weekend, and a pic has given left viral.

She tweeted:

The crafty outfit even got a stamp of capitulation from a central Star Wars Twitter account, who sent her:


But Grimes isn’t in it for viral fame; it’s all about a laughs! She told Buzzfeed:

“I was only blissful it got a good laugh. My favorite partial is when people demeanour we adult and down and we can tell they are perplexing to figure out what a dress is, afterwards after a kick IT CLICKS! There’s a grin or a plaint or they yell, ‘I GET IT NOW!”

Here’s another one Grimes common from final year — see if it clicks for you:

We’re guessing that’s her Little Ren Corvette beside her? Ha! Stellar work, gurl!

What do YOU consider of Edgar Allan Poe Dameron??

We’d adore to see your many artistic cosplay moments too! Share them with us in the comments territory (below)!

[Image around Twitter.]

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