Star India Bags Indian Premier League Media Rights With Record Rs 16,347 Crore Bid

Star India edged out Sony Pictures to secure a Indian Premier League‘s media rights with a bid of Rs 16,347.50 crore on Monday. The behest for several media rights of a cash-rich joining was hold in Mumbai for a five-year duration from 2018-2022.

The rights on offer were Indian sub-continental TV rights, that is a many desired along with rising Indian sub-continent digital rights.

There were also rest of a universe media rights on offer that includes pivotal general markets like a Middle East, Africa, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2008, Sony Pictures Network won a IPL media rights for a duration of 10 years with a bid of Rs 8200 crore. The tellurian digital rights of IPL for a duration of 3 years was awarded to Novi Digital in 2015 for 302.2 crore.

The tangible guess of a bulk of what this figure means can be appreciated by calculating how one IPL compare compares with a Team India game.

The cost for per India compare is around Rs. 43 crore, whule an IPL compare from here onwards will cost approximately Rs. 55 crore.

Earlier, any IPL diversion had a value of around Rs. 15 crore, that will now spike by three-and-a-half times to Rs 15 crore.

All of this also translates to Rs. 1.37 per over.

At a same time, a bid fades a small in comparison to a unequivocally large players in a universe of sports.

The National Football League (NFL) in a US has a tab of US dollars 6 billion, while a IPL is around 500-million mark.

The Premier League football in England is noted around a US dollar 5 million mark, while a National Basketball Association (NBA) in a US has a cost tab of US dollar 2.66 billion.

The American Major League Baseball (MLB)is around US dollars 1.55 billion.

(With inputs from Nikhil Naz and PTI)

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