‘Spurs can put psychological vigour on Chelsea’

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Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal: ‘Complete performance’ delights Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham’s feat over Arsenal means they can put “psychological pressure” on Chelsea during a tip of a Premier League, says trainer Mauricio Pochettino.

The Argentine pronounced Sunday’s 2-0 win was “fantastic for a fans”, as Spurs reliable they would finish a 22-year wait to finish above their derby rivals.

But he combined a “most important” thing was gripping adult with joining leaders Chelsea, who kick Everton 3-0.

“We are in a competition and a opening is behind to 4 points,” pronounced Pochettino.

“We have to be focused now. We have another large diversion opposite West Ham on Friday, another formidable derby.

“That could be a possibility to put psychological vigour on Chelsea. We play before them and, if we win, we will see what happens when Chelsea play Middlesbrough during Stamford Bridge on Monday.”


Chelsea’s feat during Everton progressing on Sunday had changed Antonio Conte’s side 7 points transparent of their closest challengers.

But Dele Alli’s 21st bar idea of a deteriorate and a Harry Kane chastisement cumulative Spurs a ninth unbroken joining win, fluctuating their best run given Oct 1960, when they won 13 games in a row.

Chelsea have been tip of a joining given 5 November, and were 10 points transparent as recently as 19 March.

They have given mislaid twice – to Crystal Palace and Manchester United.

“I can know a fans being vehement about finishing above Arsenal, though we don’t feel a same given for me it is about perplexing to win a title,” Pochettino added.

“It is so critical now to try and win trophies each deteriorate – that is a aim.

“It’s loyal that it will be formidable though we will see what happens.”

Sunday’s compare was a final derby to played during White Hart Lane in a stream incarnation.

Tottenham will play their home games during Wembley for a 2017-18 deteriorate while construction work takes place on their new stadium.

The club’s new 61,000-seater belligerent is being built subsequent to a site of their stream home.

‘The points don’t come from heaven’

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Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal: Spurs deserved to win – Arsene Wenger

The final time Tottenham finished above Arsenal was in 1995, when they came seventh and a Gunners were 12th.

Arsenal fans even came adult with a name for a day on that it was reliable Spurs would not be means to finish above them – St Totteringham’s Day.

This season, it is Arsene Wenger’s group faced with a indomitable opening – they are 17 points behind Spurs with 5 games to play.

“They are a points,” pronounced Wenger. “They don’t come from heaven. You acquire them on a representation and that’s it.”

Defeat during White Hart Lane left a Gunners 6 points adrift of fourth-placed Manchester City, notwithstanding with a diversion in hand.

Wenger said: “It will be really formidable now though we have to fight.

“We have an FA Cup final and still a possibility to get into a tip 4 though we have to redeem from this and ready for a subsequent game.”

Analysis – Has a change of energy shifted?

BBC Sport’s arch football author Phil McNulty

St Totteringham’s Day is a hideous day of jubilee used by Arsenal fans to inflict annual wretchedness on north London rivals Spurs.

It is a day in a calendar when Spurs can no longer finish above Arsenal in a Premier League, and has been a flourishing tradition given Arsenal final finished a deteriorate subsequent their neighbours from White Hart Lane in 1994-95.

Spurs ensured this year’s St Totteringham’s Day was cancelled with a convincing win that means they can't be overtaken by a Gunners – though does it meant a change of energy in north London has now comprehensively shifted?

Trailing 17 points behind Spurs, a justification to advise so is compelling, though Wenger can offer dual convincing counter-arguments, notwithstanding saying his group captivated and outplayed.


Despite their form in new years, Tottenham’s final prize was a 2008 League Cup

Wenger righteously points out it will take some-more than one deteriorate each 22 years to symbol a permanent shift, while Arsenal are a usually group in north London with a picturesque possibility of winning a prize this deteriorate as they ready for an FA Cup final opposite Chelsea during Wembley on 27 May.

Arsenal kick Manchester City 2-1 after additional time in their semi-final, a day after Spurs mislaid 4-2 in theirs.

And, even in what have been regarded as Wenger’s idle years, Arsenal still claimed a FA Cup in 2014 and 2015, while Spurs’ final prize was a League Cup in 2008.

So it depends on context – and maybe that group we foster – when determining either there has been a change in power.

In discernible terms, it is still probable for Arsenal to have a some-more successful deteriorate – this stately Spurs side have nonetheless to spin stately guarantee into silverware – though remove a FA Cup final and finish outward a tip 4 with no Champions League football subsequent season, and there is usually one leader in this internal rivalry.

In a brief and prolonged term, however, this Spurs group demeanour a many improved tender than Arsenal for success.

Pochettino, during 45, is regarded as one of a game’s superb immature managers, good capable in a complicated methods, put into use by a maturing, powerful, physical, enterprising side.

Wenger, 67, is still surrounded by a doubt over his destiny and if he stays during Arsenal – a many expected outcome – faces a critical reconstruct of a group that looks flimsy, not mentally clever adequate and too mostly let down by a supposed chosen players such as Mesut Ozil, who did a disintegrating act during White Hart Lane. All those flaws were unprotected by Spurs.

Spurs contingency build on a undoubted leverage of their group subsequent deteriorate to emphasize their prevalence – though for now they demeanour a group gentle with themselves while Arsenal and Wenger demeanour lost.

St Totteringham’s Day has been cancelled this year. If a same happens in 12 months’ time afterwards maybe that energy change in north London will be genuine and long-lasting.