South African lions eat ‘poacher’, withdrawal only his head

A lion stretches out by a Luvuvhu stream in Kruger National Park, South AfricaImage copyright
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

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Local military pronounced a lions ate roughly all of a man’s physique (file picture)

A suspected large cat poacher has been eaten by lions nearby a Kruger National Park in South Africa, military say.

The animals left small behind, though some physique tools were found over a weekend during a diversion park nearby Hoedspruit.

“It seems a plant was poaching in a diversion park when he was pounded and killed by lions,” Limpopo military orator Moatshe Ngoepe told AFP.

“They ate his body, scarcely all of it, and only left his conduct and some remains.”

Police have not nonetheless determined a victim’s identity. A installed sport purloin and ammunition were found subsequent to a body, South African website Eyewitness News reports.

Lion poaching has been on a arise in Limpopo range in new years.

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The large cats’ physique tools are infrequently used in normal medicine, both within Africa and beyond.

Wildlife gift a Born Free Foundation says lion skeleton and other physique tools are increasingly sought-after in South East Asia, where they are infrequently used as a surrogate for tiger bones.

In Jan 2017, 3 masculine lions were found tainted in Limpopo with their paws and heads cut off.