Sourav Ganguly has ‘no dispute of interest’ says AP Shah

Sourav Ganguly gets a purify letter with regards to a conflict-of-interest allegations. (Source: File) Sourav Ganguly gets a purify letter with regards to a conflict-of-interest allegations. (Source: File)

BCCI OMBUDSMAN AP Shah has handed Sourav Ganguly a purify letter with regards to a conflict-of-interest allegations, citing that nothing of a manners prescribed by a house on a emanate could be practical in this case. While disposing of a matter, Shah refers to a behest routine for a dual new franchises in a IPL as carrying been ‘transparent’ and one in that no member of a ruling council, including Ganguly, could have played any role. This relates to a strange censure opposite Ganguly by Niraj Gunde, who purported that a former India captain was ‘conflicted’ as a outcome of being a member of a ruling legislature and carrying business interests with a promoters of a new Pune franchise.

Shah also reveals to have deliberate points over a BCCI’s framed manners on a emanate to see either Ganguly could have had a ‘conflict’ on a basement of carrying ‘attended a assembly and being partial of a organisation of people that oversaw a behest process’. But again, he fails to settle any dispute of interest.

“It is transparent that a behest routine concerned first, a acquiescence of hermetic technical and financial bids; second, a opening of technical bids; third, a inspection of a technical bids by lawyers; fourth, a opening of financial bids; and fifth, a preference of a lowest bidder among those who had competent a technical round. All of these stairs were taken on a same day in a participation of all a bidders. It is transparent that members of a IPL Governing Council had no purpose to play, some-more so given a final preference of a bidder was formed on design criteria, i.e., a lowest bid,” a ombudsman writes in his sequence upheld on Feb 17.


In his response to a censure opposite him, Ganguly had created about carrying a 5 per cent interest in Atletico de Kolkata, an Indian Super League (ISL) football bar whose owners have a interest in a new IPL franchise, Rising Pune Super Giants. But he had insisted on not being wakeful of a franchise’s share-holding patterns or carrying any tie with them. Gunde had afterwards questioned his claims, appealing to a ombudsman that as a member of a ruling legislature Ganguly would have been arcane to a ‘contents of a bids’ given a BCCI was wakeful of a identities of a intensity bidders, that enclosed a RPG organisation that Ganguly had prior financial links with. The BCCI, meanwhile, had certified to carrying no thought about Ganguly’s business affiliations though did behind his explain that he hadn’t arrived for a assembly compartment a time a technical bids had been opened.

The ombudsman doesn’t find any ‘room for doubt’ per this chronicle of events. “Mr Ganguly, as certified by him, and accurate by a BCCI, arrived during a assembly venue after a technical bids were already opened, and subsequently, as per formerly advertised procedure, 3 financial bids were opened, and a lowest bidder was announced successful,” he writes.

Shah serve goes on to echo that given a members of a ruling legislature had no purpose in a behest process, it didn’t matter either they were benefaction or not.

Bhajji seeks authorised opinion

Meanwhile, according to PTI report, Harbhajan Singh has pronounced he is seeking authorised advise on a approach forward after BCCI Ombudsman Shah celebrated that a bowler should disjoin himself from sports attire association ‘Bhajji Sports’, that reserve kits to domestic teams.