Sophie Turner: What You Don’t Know About The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star

Sophie Turner: What You Don't Know About The 'Game Of Thrones' Star

Sophie Turner is best known for her behaving on Game of Thrones. But, it seems like there’s not a lot that fans know about her. That’s given she likes to keep her personal life to herself. There have been rumors plaguing her for years. Now that she’s been dating Joe Jonas, some of those rumors have resurfaced.

Sophie Turner has been a core of drug rumors for years. The drug rumors swirled progressing this year when Sophie favourite a array of Instagram posts that joked about cocaine. Those screenshots were common on Oh No They Didn’t and fueled conjecture over her purported drug habits.

The singer who plays Sansa Stark on a HBO array is distant from boring, according to luminary report blog, I Don’t Like You That Way. She has kept her purported celebration habits out of a tabloids. Sophie is believed to mostly visits several college parties over a UK. She even keeps her rumored merrymaking and drug habits a tip from her family.

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Turner has also depressed underneath inspection for some choice difference on a amicable media video, some fans insincere that Sophie was a racist. She done an coming in a Snapchat video that circulated on amicable media final month. In a video, she was seen unresolved out with Joe Jonas and a personal trainer.

Fans indicted a British singer of regulating a n-word. Some listened a n-word, and they took to amicable media to conflict Turner, reports MovieFone. She claims that she did not use a n-word, though another wanton phrase. Turner done it transparent that she is not a extremist notwithstanding what fans think. Other fans were repelled to find out that she’s dating a Jonas brother.

Turner finally non-stop adult about their attribute in a new interview. The singer spoke to InStyle about a DNCE front man. Sophie says dating Joe Jonas is easy given he understands how a party attention works. She could never see herself dating someone who is not famous given they wouldn’t know her career. Not to mention, it would be tough to see that chairman all a time.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were initial related in Nov 2016, a year after he antiquated indication Gigi Hadid. They met during a friend’s marriage in Malibu, and have been on a array of dates since.

Sophie Turner: What You Don't Know About The 'Game Of Thrones' Star

Check out Turner as Sansa Stark in Season 7 of Game of Thrones, that premieres of Jul 16. And, keep checking CDL for some-more Sophie Turner news and updates right here.

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