Sona Mohapatra calls Kangana Ranaut talk a ‘circus’, slams her for giving divided personal details

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After Suzanne Khan and Apurva Asrani’s pointed and surreptitious remarks on amicable media per Kangana Ranaut’s revelations on Hrithik Roshan, Karan Johar and others, renouned thespian Sona Mohapatra, who is never famous for mincing her difference or being subtle, has also come out vocalization kindly though resolutely in a Facebook post conflicting what she refers to as Kangana’s “regurgitating personal details”, “washing unwashed linen in public” and “as partial of a veteran PR debate before your film release”.

Kangana had in India TV uncover Aap Ki Adalat hosted by Rajat Sharma has voiced what she thinks on roughly everybody she competence have beef with in a past. This was a tell-all Kangana that we are so used to by now who answered all frankly and with an open mind. But for Sona Mohapatra, a whole thing was a “circus”. She pronounced she favourite her open letters and “fearless” interviews improved than this.

“Your good suspicion out well worded open letters of a past, intrepid interviews addressing incomparable issues, holding a stand, holding authorised chance are welcome. The stream ‘circus’, not,” she wrote. She also pronounced there are many feminist group who hearten a means of women like herself and Kangana.

“I do trust that there are copiousness of feminists in a conflicting gender. Men who hearten a means of outspoken, feisty, extreme tough operative women like we me. We don’t ‘need’ them as such though let’s not forget them also a thousands of extraordinary women who quarrel a good quarrel on a daily basement with grace ,” she wrote. Sona Mohapatra also slammed those reporters who lonesome Kangana’s revelatory comments with enthusiasm.

This competence be a many astonishing critique Kangana Ranaut has perceived compartment now, as Sona herself is famous as an upfront, assured and confidant lady who champions a means of feminism and works towards equivalence – not too conflicting from Kangana.

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