Some Wales cancer patients still not allocated pivotal worker


Some cancer patients in Wales contend they have still not been allocated a pivotal workman to prepare their care.

The Welsh Government said in May 2010 health play should safeguard pivotal workers were in place by a finish of Mar 2011.

But a series of cancer patients opposite a nation told BBC Wales they have not been reserved a pivotal worker. One patient, Nick Phillips, pronounced it “takes months to speak to anybody”.

A Welsh Government orator pronounced services had done “a certain start”.

In 2010, a afterwards health apportion Edwina Hart pronounced introducing pivotal workers meant cancer patients would know who to hit during all times should a need arise during their treatment.

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Nick Phillips pronounced ‘it takes months to speak to anybody’

But Mr Phillips, from Pontypridd, pronounced he had not been reserved a pivotal workman notwithstanding being diagnosed with prostate cancer in Jan 2016.

The 59-year-old, who runs a cancer gift from home, said: “I haven’t listened of anyone around here who’s had a pivotal worker, someone we could phone up, from diagnosis, to get support and information.”

Mr Phillips has undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy, though pronounced his cancer can't be cured, usually controlled, given it has spread.

“Having a pivotal workman would have altered my experience. Rather than me chasing around, that pivotal workman would be means to indicate me in a right instruction and be means to assistance me. It takes months to speak to anybody,” he said.

“Once you’ve had treatment, you’re lost about.”

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Carolyn Robertson pronounced carrying a pivotal workman was ‘a relief’

Carolyn Robertson, 70, from Whitchurch, in Cardiff, has been diagnosed with 3 opposite forms of cancer given 2010 and has gifted both sides of a coin.

Mrs Robertson pronounced she was not allocated a pivotal workman for a bowel cancer she was diagnosed with in 2010 nor a skin cancer she was diagnosed with in 2016.

But she pronounced she was given a pivotal workman when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012.

Mrs Robertson said: “I consider it’s really critical because, initial of all, it’s a comfort of meaningful a name and series so we don’t have to go by a switchboard and reason on to be put through.

“That chairman will also have a believe and believe to contend if we need to come in and be checked.

“With Julie [my breast cancer pivotal worker] it overtly felt out of my hands though being dealt with. It was such a relief.”

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Comments on a Facebook page One Voice for Wales – Campaign for Equal Access to Cancer Treatments, seem to uncover a believe of patients varies, even within health boards.

Two people from Swansea commented that they have non-Hodgkins lymphoma and have not been allocated a pivotal worker.

But a breast cancer studious being treated in Swansea pronounced she has had a pivotal workman for a final dual years.

All health play in Wales were contacted by BBC Wales and asked either all their cancer patients had been allocated a pivotal worker.

Dr Graham Shortland, medical executive for Cardiff and Vale health board, pronounced they were now providing pivotal workers to some-more than 90% of patients though were wakeful some patients still indispensable support.

“If any patients do not feel they have this, we titillate them to hit a Macmillan Cancer Lead Nurse who will safeguard a studious is allocated a pivotal workman and receives a suitable support,” he said.

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board pronounced a latest review showed 93% of a cancer patients were allocated a pivotal workman and it was operative towards 100% compliance.

A orator for Betsi Cadwaladr health house pronounced it was “continuing to aim for 100% compliant”.

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg, Cwm Taf, and Hywel Dda health play pronounced a Freedom of Information ask would need to be submitted to get sum of pivotal workman allocation.

‘Desperate community’

A Welsh Government orator said: “Our updated Cancer Delivery Plan commits cancer services to providing any chairman influenced by cancer with a name and hit sum of a designated pivotal worker.

“The 2014 cancer studious believe news showed services had done a certain start with 66% of people influenced by cancer stating being reserved a pivotal worker, we wish to see this urge when a 2016 news is published.”

Susan Morris, conduct of services for Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales, that carried out that survey, said: “We know not everybody with cancer has a pivotal workman some-more than 6 years on from this commitment.”

She said: “Macmillan Wales wants each chairman diagnosed with cancer to have entrance to a clinical helper dilettante who also fulfils a pivotal workman role, and we have consistently campaigned for this over a final 7 years.”

Plaid Cymru’s health spokesman, Rhun ap Iorwerth AM, said: “There are still distant too many people diagnosed with cancer who do not have entrance to a pivotal worker.

“When we prominence this, and ask because this oath has nonetheless to be delivered, we have been told that everybody does have a pivotal worker, it’s only that recording a information was a problem.”

Angela Burns AM, a Welsh Conservatives’ health spokeswoman, said: “Back afterwards [in 2010] pivotal workers were hailed by a health apportion as ‘central’ to improving cancer caring – maybe their perspective has changed.

“Either way, recuperating cancer patients have a right to know when they can design a Labour supervision to broach a turn of caring they need and were promised.”

UKIP health mouthpiece Caroline Jones AM said: “As a cancer survivor myself, we know initial palm a minefield that is cancer diagnosis and carrying someone who can support we and beam we is vital.

“The Welsh Government contingency pledge that health play will yield a pivotal workman to each cancer studious in Wales.”