‘Smallville’s’ Laura Vandervoort: Melissa Benoist Is a "Supergirl we Wanted to See All Along"

Laura Vandervoort has strictly upheld a Supergirl layer to Melissa Benoist.

After donning Supergirl’s cape on The WB/CW’s Smallville for 6 seasons, Vandervoort is set to guest-star on a CBS play Monday, where she’ll take on DC Comics knave Indigo.

“It’s really a switch of roles, though that’s what we favourite many about Indigo,” Vandervoort tells THR. “She’s roughly a frigid conflicting of Supergirl and that’s what was so fun about personification her.”

For a actress, saying Melissa Benoist take on her former purpose as a DC Comics impression was sparkling — mostly given CBS’ Greg Berlanti/Ali Adler play goes most deeper into comic book mythology than Smallville did.

“This is a totally opposite chronicle of Supergirl than we had on Smallville,” Vandervoort says. “On Smallville, Kara was an adolescent, juvenile chronicle of Supergirl. She suspicion she knew it all and suspicion she could take caring of things on her own, not to discuss she didn’t wear a tights and a cape. It was pre-Supergirl, given on this show, Melissa is personification a impression from a comics. She’s perplexing to figure out her powers and her place in this world. It’s roughly some-more like a Clark Kent character, where she’s operative a day pursuit and wears a eyeglasses and that whole thing.”

While Benoist is means to go full Supergirl, that’s not something Vandervoort has any bewail about blank out on during her reign on Smallville.

“Getting to see any singer wearing a tights and a garment was flattering cold for me given we didn’t get a event to do that on Smallville. We’re finally removing a array about Supergirl where we see her in her full glory, in her costume, and I’m so unapproachable of this uncover and what they’ve finished with a character.”

When Vandervoort showed adult on set to film her episode, that was indeed a initial time she met Benoist notwithstanding publicly voicing her support behind when a Glee alum initial landed a vital role.

“I was usually vehement that this uncover finally got a day given there was speak 8 years ago about doing a Supergirl array and it usually didn’t happen,” Vandervoort says. “This is accurately how we illusory a Supergirl array behind then. Meeting Melissa on my initial day was great. We strike it off and started comparing records about how we had finished it vs. what she’s doing. My chronicle was most some-more of a child and was kind of bratty. But now we adore what they’ve done, she’s most some-more a mature chairman who is training as she goes and she doesn’t have it all together nonetheless while she’s saving a day and finding her possess strength. This is a Supergirl we wanted to see all along.”

Vandervoort and Benoist will go head-to-head when Indigo wreaks massacre on National City in Monday’s episode, “Solitude.”

“Indigo can ride around a internet and technology, that creates her equally dangerous in a digital form as she is in a earthy form,” Vandervoort says. “That causes difficulty for Kara given she can’t always get a grasp on Indigo given she’s means to disappear by any record and cocktail adult usually as quickly. And she has a singular tie to Kara’s past that will be suggested in this episode.”

As for what to design from Monday’s hour, Vandervoort says Kara isn’t a usually one with a surprising connection to Indigo.

“She is also connected with Non [Chris Vance] and his incomparable plan,” Vandervoort says. “There’s a lot function and a lot to be revealed. You don’t utterly know what her purpose is and since she’s display adult right now, though she initial appears when she hacks into an Ashley Madison arrange of website and leaks customer info to Cat [Calista Flockhart]. She usually creates widespread panic in a city.”

Back when Smallville was on a air, it was a usually uncover of a kind. But 5 years later, a TV landscape is superfluous with comic book shows — including 3 some-more DC array constructed by Berlanti. Asked if Smallville would still be a same uncover if it was on today, Vandervoort doesn’t consider most would have changed.

Smallville had a possess mood and vibe and that worked for a uncover given it was about a characters before they were truly who they were unfailing to be,” Vandervoort says. “Clark’s [Tom Welling] universe was on a Kent plantation and his pursuit during a newspaper. And of march a uncover altered over a march of 10 years though we don’t consider it would change if it were on a atmosphere currently to fit into a time. we consider it still would fit as is. There are so many superhero shows on radio that are silken and high-action and we consider Smallville would have fit right in with those though it would have had a possess niche.”

Supergirl front Mondays during 8 p.m. on CBS.