Slamdance Film Festival Slate Announced

The 2016 Slamdance Film Festival has denounced a Narrative and Documentary Feature Film Competition lineup for a 22nd edition, set for Jan 22-28 in Park City. The ultra-indie fest’s foe module includes 12 star premieres, 3 North American premieres and a U.S. premiere. Jury Awards are presented to underline films and all films are authorised for Audience Awards and a Spirit of Slamdance Award, judged by a filmmakers, who in a past have enclosed a likes of Christopher Nolan (who accepted a fest’s initial Founders Award in 2014 after debuting his initial film, Following, during a eventuality 15 years ago). Here is this year’s foe lineup:


All a Colors of a Night
Director: Pedro Severien; Screenwriter: Luiz Otávio Pereira
Iris wakes adult in her windy seafront apartment, discovers a physique in a vital room and enlists a assistance of other women, environment off a spin of emancipation in an windy play of dim imagery and controversial reality.
Cast: Sabrina Greve, Sandra Possani, Brenda Ligia, Giovanna Simões, Rômulo Braga

Alvin’s Harmonious World of Opposites
Director Screenwriter: Platon Theodoris
(Australia/Indonesia) North American Premiere
Agoraphobic Alvin prefers pressed pandas and online selling to a assertive rantings of his neighbor Virginia, until a sludge seeping from his roof army him to hunt for answers in this offbeat comedy with a proposal heart.
Cast: Teik-Kim Pok, Vashti Hughes, Dessy Fitri, Ailis Logan, Nitin Vengurlekar, Tina Andrews, Alicia O’Donnel

Chemical CutChemical Cut
Director Screenwriter: Marjorie Conrad
(USA) World Premiere
23-year-old Irene is an artistic misfit incited LA indication bustling acid for identity, impulse and a consanguine suggestion while surrounded by competition, absurdity, and so many bare bras.
Cast: Marjorie Conrad, Ian Coster, Leah Rudick, Michael Lucid, Stephen Saban, Deven Green, Nicolas Coster, Vicki Marlane

Director Screenwriter: Paul Taylor
(USA) World Premiere
A immature lady washes ashore and is claimed and conditioned by an comparison male in this intricately layered, dialogue-free scrutiny of patrimonial roles, siege and captivity.
Cast: Joslyn Jensen, Paul C. Kelly, Michael Fentin

Honey Buddies
Director: Alex Simmons; Screenwriters: Alex Simmons, David Giuntoli, Flula Borg
(USA) World Premiere
Jilted husband David is assured by his irascible best male Flula to continue with his designed honeymoon, a backcountry trek in a plateau of Oregon, in a rarely comedic paper to loyalty and a good outdoors.
Cast: David Giuntoli, Flula Borg, Brian T. Finney, Claire Coffee, Jeanne Syquia

Hunky Dory
Director: Michael Curtis Johnson; Screenwriters: Michael Curtis Johnson, Tomas Pais
(USA) World Premiere
After his ex disappears, Sidney, a dive bar drag queen, is forced to demeanour after his 11-year-old son in a story of radical fatherhood, a fear of mediocrity, and a pulsing existence of dreams deferred.
Cast: Tomas Pais, Peter Van Norden, Jeff Newburg, Joy Darash, Edouard Holdener, Nora Rothman, Chad Borden, Chad Hartigan

If There’s A Hell Below
Director: Nathan Williams; Screenwriters: Nathan Williams, Matthew Williams
(USA) World Premiere
In a barren landscape, an desirous immature publisher in a dry automobile meets stealthily with a inhabitant confidence whistleblower, and their sailing sell becomes increasingly cloaked in paranoia, tragedy and sharpening threat.
Cast: Conner Marx, Carol Roscoe, Paul Budraitis, Mark Carr

Last SummerLast Summer
Director: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli; Screenwriters: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli, Igort
(Italy) US Premiere
Set on house a oppulance yacht in stimulating general waters, this moving and stylish play captures a 4 final days a mom is postulated with her 6-year-old son to contend goodbye after losing a control battle.
Cast: Rinko Kikuchi, Yorick outpost Wageningen, Lucy Griffiths, Laura Bach, Daniel Ball, Ken Brady

The Lesson
Director Screenwriter: Ruth Platt
(UK) North American Premiere
A gruesome investigate of a attribute between a worried clergyman and a uneasy teenagers who bear his rage once he snaps; this implicitly severe fear film is dark, claustrophobic, and shockingly eloquent.
Cast: Evan Bendall, Robert Hands, Michaela Prchalova, Tom Cox, Rory Coltart, Dolya Gavaniski, Michael Swatton, Charlotte Croft

Director Screenwriter: Robert G. Putka
(USA) World Premiere
A mama past a indicate of a shaken breakdown, her dual daughters that don’t give a damn, and a heat-seeking missiles of rancour they toss during any other emanate a sharp-witted backdrop for this dim and thespian comedy.
Cast: Jennifer Lafleur, Maryann Plunkett, Eilis Cahill, Mark Reeb, David Sullivan, Conor Casey, Shaun Weiss, Chris Doubek

Director: Derek Kimball; Screenwriters: Derek Kimball, Matthew Konkel
Set in a late 1980s on an island off a seashore of Maine, an waif lady lifted by a church becomes spooky by a disappearance of a classmate, and her condemned dreams and visions propel her to pull past her easeful life.
Cast: Jane Ackermann, Tony Reilly, William McDonough III, Christine Louise Marshall, Dylan Chestnutt, Maureen Butler

The Tail Job
Directors Screenwriters: Bryan Moses, Daniel Millar
(Australia) World Premiere
Nicholas hires a cab motorist to follow his fiancé when he suspects her of intrigue in this micro-budget comedy movement story that creates each wrong spin burst with genuine amusement and astonishing insight.
Cast: Blair Dwyer, Craig Anderson, Laura Hughes, Kellie Clarke, Dorje Swallow, Grant Dodwell, Gary Waddell, Ursula Mills


1ha 43a
Director Screenwriter: Monika Pirch
(Germany) North American Premiere
After inheriting a tract of tillage land nearby Dusseldorf, Monika explores a intensity of her margin by administrative, ancestral and elegant methods and manages to reconnect with a land and her stock in a pleasing and astonishing way.

Art of a PrankArt of a Prank
Director Screenwriter: Andrea Marini
Legendary humorous male Joey Skaggs has been pulling Americas sequence given 1965. His subsequent hoax? Film festivals.
Cast: Joey Skaggs, Robert Forster, Peter Maloney, Charlie Todd, Richard Johnson, Buck Wolf, Sarah Farrell, Jeff Cohen

Dead Hands Dig Deep
Director: Jai Love; Screenwriters: Jai Love, Spencer Heath
(USA/Australia ) World Premiere
From a siege of his isolated dried devalue Edwin Borsheim, owner of a startle steel rope Kettle Cadaver, ruminates on a life of violence, mayhem and personal drop lived on a comprehensive corner of a famous low-pitched universe.

Director Screenwriter: Dominic Rodriguez
(USA) World Premiere
Like any community, a Furry star is one with gossipers, dreamers, followers, whistleblowers and a one man who wants to order them all.

Los Punks; We Are All We Have
Director: Angela Boatwright; Screenwriter: Christine Triano
(USA) World Premiere
A cobbled-together family of Hispanic girl contain a abounding backyard punk stage of South Central and East L.A.: bands, fans, and prolongation are interwoven into a sub-culture of thrash, sound and pits.
Cast: Gary Alvarez, Nacho Corrupted, Apr Desmadre, Jennie Oi, Alex Pedorro, Natalie Rodriguera

The Million Dollar Duck
Director: Brian Golden Davis; Screenwriter: Martin J. Smith
(USA) World Premiere
Artists from opposite walks of life strive to win a Federal Duck Stamp Contest, a usually art foe of a kind sponsored by a U.S. government.
Cast: The Hautman Brothers, Rebekah Nastav, Tim Taylor, Dee Dee Murry, Rob McBroom, Adam Grimm

Myrtle Beach
Directors: Neil Rough, Michael Fuller
(Canada) World Premiere
Myrtle Beach is a disturbingly insinuate look into a lives of a deviants, outcasts and forget-me-nows that live this misshapen stepsister of Coney Island.

Peanut Gallery
Director Screenwriter: Molly Gandour
An insinuate and steadfast scrutiny of one family’s comfortless detriment and their try to reanimate after decades of silence.
Cast: Jackson Gandour, Mary Jane Gandour, Molly Gandour, Aimee Gandour