Sin Cara On Filling Eddie Guerrero’s Shoes, Working In The Cruiserweight Division, WWE Partnerships

Source: Hidden Remote

Sin Cara spoke with Hidden Remote on a series of wrestling topics. Here are some of a highlights:

If any of a stream Latino Superstars could fill Eddie Guerrero’s shoes:

“I don’t think, to be honest, that’s a doubt anyone can unequivocally answer. we can’t review myself to Eddie or that I’m going to fill anyone’s shoes. I’m Sin Cara, I’m unique, I’m opposite from everybody else. Kalisto’s different. we consider we’re usually perplexing to make a possess story here in a company, and for me, a many critical thing is gripping myself healthy and gripping my bequest going and hopefully one day when my career’s over, we can contend we also had a good career, though nobody can reinstate Eddie.”

WWE expanding their partnerships, quite with Foot Locker and a sneaker market:

“I consider there’s a lot of sneaker lovers and some people that don’t know about wrestling that are going to finish adult meaningful who Sin Cara is or who Ric Flair is or who other Superstars are since it won’t be a standard going to or going to a wrestling uncover to buy a wrestling shirt. You’re going to see it during a Foot Locker and maybe a fan that’s not a normal fan for us is going to have a event to buy a t-shirt even if they don’t know about wrestling though if he likes it, he’s going to buy it and wear it. That’s a good event here to get to a opposite form of market.”

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Working quickly in a Cruiserweight Division:

“To be honest, we was perplexing to make a many of my opportunity, though in my case, we was usually there for a integrate of weeks. we wasn’t unequivocally there for long. we consider a Cruiserweights are good athletes and gifted wrestlers, though in my case, we consider I’m too large for a division. Not weight-wise since we import like 198, though height-wise I’m a lot bigger. I’m about 5 ’10” and we put on a boots and I’m 6?. But it’s one of those things where they wish a certain form of wrestler in a multiplication and that’s fine. we didn’t consider it was a bad preference by a association not regulating me there though now there’s a lot of opportunities for a all a kids that are doing that. Kalisto usually transitioned into 205 [Live] and we wish him a best and hopefully that multiplication can develop now.”

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