Sierra Leone election: Julius Maada Bio fast-tracks presidential promise in a hotel

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Julius Maada Bio has ruled a republic quickly before

Sierra Leone’s antithesis candidate, Julius Maada Bio, has rushed to take his presidential promise in a hotel after winning a run-off election.

Mr Maada Bio is a former troops ruler who quickly ruled a republic in 1996.

He narrowly kick statute celebration claimant Samura Kamara, who has purported irregularities and says he will plea a outcome in court.

Mr Maada Bio was sworn in on Wednesday, reduction than dual hours after being announced a personality of Saturday’s vote.

“[This is] a emergence of a new era,” he said. “The people of this good republic have voted to take a new direction.”

In a televised address, Mr Kamara said: “We brawl a formula and we will take authorised movement to scold them.” He also urged his supporters to stay calm.

Mr Maada Bio, personality of a Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), won usually underneath 52% of a vote.

He has already ruled a country, despite briefly.

How did Maada Bio come to energy before?

Mr Maada Bio, now 53, was partial of a organisation of soldiers who overthrew a supervision in 1992 when he was in his late 20s.

Then, in Jan 1996, he staged a house coup, arguing that his boss, Capt Valentine Strasser, wanted to renege on a betrothed handover to an inaugurated municipal government.

His supporters indicate to that to call him a “father of democracy”.

But his critics bring tellurian rights violations witnessed while he was in power, for that he has taken “collective responsibility”.

During his rule, that lasted usually over dual months, he allocated Mr Kamara as his financial minister.

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Outgoing boss Koroma (R) campaigned alongside Mr Samura Kamara (L)

Who is he replacing?

The effusive president, Ernest Bai Koroma, has stepped aside after portion dual five-year terms for a All People’s Congress (APC). He had hand-picked Mr Kamara as his elite successor.

Mr Maada Bio mislaid to Mr Komora in a prior election.

Support for a SLPP and a APC is mostly formed on ethnicity. The SLPP, a nation’s oldest party, is many renouned in a southern and eastern tools of a country.

A tough highway ahead

By Umaru Fofana in Freetown

It has been a infrequently hostile debate with a degraded candidate’s celebration accusing a electoral commission, unfamiliar observers, polite multitude and reporters of being a partial of an general swindling to palm a choosing to Mr Maada Bio.

Even with a country’s habitual racial politics, tribalism came to a front some-more prominently than ever before.

With a slight outcome, a new boss has vowed to reanimate a divisions, and build behind a country’s damaged educational system. He has a tough pursuit forward of him, done harder by a fact that his celebration has a minority in parliament.

What are a categorical issues?

Sierra Leone is one of a world’s lowest countries, with a frail economy and widespread corruption.

It suffered heavily during a harmful Ebola conflict in 2014. The illness killed scarcely 4,000 people nonetheless there are still usually 200 doctors portion a republic of 7 million people.

  • Life after Ebola

The republic also went by a heartless polite fight between 1991 and 2002, that killed some-more than 50,000 people.

Mr Maada Bio has betrothed to reanimate a country’s groups and reconstruct a country’s damaged preparation system.

What happened in a initial round?

Mr Maada Bio perceived 43.3% of a opinion in a initial round, descending brief of a 55% indispensable for an undisguised win.

The run-off was behind by a High Court after a member of a statute APC celebration purported there had been electoral rascal during a initial vote.

However, a justice deserted a petition by a APC seeking an unfixed cessation of a choosing to concede for a debate review of a strange 7 Mar vote.

After a second round, Mr Kamara pronounced a APC still had “many concerns” about a legitimacy of a results.