Shocking! Sanjeeda Sheikh and her family slapped with a domestic attack case

In a frightful spin of events, Zakerabanu Zakir Hussain Bagban, sister-in-law of Tv thespian Sanjeeda Sheik and mom of her brother, Anas Abdul Rahim Sheikh filed a domestic attack box conflicting her father and a family underneath domain – Section 125 of CrPC. “They mostly demanded income from my father and would flog me up. My father is alcoholic, a drug addict and is also endangered in match-fixing,“ staid Zakerabanu as per reports on Mumbai Mirror. The 22 year aged lady has been staying during her possess home in Ahmedabad for a final 3 months.  On May 27, when she was clear over a phone with her father, Sanjeeda, her cenobite and their mom started yelling during her and assault her adult observant they didn’t wish her to stay during their Mumbai business anymore. She thereafter flew to Ahmedabad where she was authorized to a hospital.

“It was a final straw when Anas carried his palm on me in a appearance of my mom and sister in their Mumbai home. we was hospitalised after that in Ahmedabad. we was told during a time of a wedlock that he is in a construction business yet he is mostly home,” staid a 22 year old. She also total her in-laws haven’t attempted to strech her ever given she left home.

But as reports on a streamer tabloid, Sanjeeda Sheik and Family filed a petition that squashes Zakerabanu’s allegations –  The petition staid that Zakerabanu had a nervous charge with her father due to his authorized opinion given of that it was challenging for her to adjust a advanced sourroundings of her husband’s home. Furthermore on a day of a incident, Zakerabanu was not indeed feeling good and had supportive that she definitely a mkare sanatorium she was training at. Sanjeeda had been bustling sensory on a day of a incident.

Reportedly, a latest remodel in a box seems to be in a actress’ encourage – “The Hon’ble Court has inspected an method in encourage of my patron by observant that a doubt organisation should not take any coercive stairs conflicting her. In other words, a Hon’ble Court ostensible a capitulation that a FIR is baseless, bad in bureau and merely filed to harass my client.“ staid Sanjeeda Sheika’s l;awyer to Mumbai Mirror.

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