She May Have Quit Smoking Weed, But Miley Cyrus Is Apparently Still Rolling Joints For Her Friends

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She competence have given adult weed for herself, though Miley Cyrus says she’s all about carrying her friends do it — and when they need her help, she’s there!

In an talk with SiriusXM’s Hits 1 on Friday afternoon in Hollywood, Miley got genuine about her newfound sobriety, and a fact that she’s totally given adult weed.

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Speaking with hosts Michael Yo, Tony Fly, and Symon, Miley suggested that she’s down to assistance hurl joints for her friends, saying:

“I hurl them joints. we still hurl a joints for them! we usually lay there. we hurl fat joints, too.”

She also got genuine about a daily proclivity behind her ongoing seriousness and newfound preference to give it all up, saying:

“Anything we wish to do, if we wish to start or stop something, we can do anything, so we usually motionless not to anymore and now that’s easy for me. It’s unequivocally weird.”


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And if that’s not enough, there’s this — Miley says she has even more appetite given giving adult weed, acknowledging that it should assistance her song career:

“I’ve got a lot of energy. I’ve always had a lot of energy. I’m a unequivocally recurrent person, that we need to work on, though also it helps in my position to be a small recurrent since afterwards we can unequivocally get things finished and make certain it’s ideal a approach we wish things to demeanour or a video.”


Later on in a interview, she got genuine about her attribute with Liam Hemsworth, too, observant how she always figured a span competence finish adult behind together:

“I think, know that all that all is function for a right reason. we knew that when we weren’t together a initial time. we didn’t know if that was a finish of it or knew if we’d be behind together again, though knew that wherever we was going was on a right path.”


But behind to a weed: Knowing how tough her many new work strike her fanbase… we can usually suppose what else competence come from her newfound sobriety!!

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