Shawn Johnson East Felt ‘Guilty’ Following Her Miscarriage: we Told My Husband, ‘I’m Sorry we Lost Your Baby’

Shawn Johnson East is recovering from her loss.

The late Olympic gymnast and her father Andrew East common a follow-up video to YouTube Monday, chronicling a issue of their miscarriage and thanking fans for their support.

“It was a super romantic drum coaster, and one that we never illusory pity with a world,” says Johnson East, 25, who found out she was profound a week ago before suffering a loss dual days later, after revelation her father a good news.

“But we felt like so many people go by it that it was something we wanted to share with we guys,” she adds. “We’ve never posted anything that raw and real before, and it meant a lot to us.”

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Johnson East admits in a new 16-minute vlog that she grappled with a lot of guilt, primarily feeling like losing her pregnancy was something she could’ve privately prevented.

“The day we was told we were miscarrying, we felt guilty. we felt unhappy and we remember revelation Andrew, ‘I’m contemptible we mislaid your baby.’ we felt like it was something that we did,” she recalls. “I didn’t take caring of a baby good enough, or we was stressed out too much, or we didn’t take a right prenatal vitamins.”

“All these opposite guilts and thoughts and disastrous feelings of ‘I unsuccessful my baby,’ ” says Johnson East. “I felt like we was [uninhabitable], like, ‘No baby’s gonna live inside this belly.’ ”

Thank we all so most for a support. @shawnjohnson your bravery awes me. See a full story with integrate in bio #baby #marriage

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The new video didn’t bashful divided from giving viewers a glance into a astringency of a couple’s emotional pain, display Johnson East fibbing on a building in a lavatory and closet and spending a lot of time lounging on a cot and in bed — and touching on her feeling physically ill to a indicate of vomiting.

But notwithstanding a problem of a past week, the former pro athlete says a escape of adore has been “awesome” given pity a news, and that she and East are intensely grateful.

“As a outcome of us posting that video, there’s been so many people that have come out and common their stories about, ‘Hey, I’ve had 11 miscarriages’ and ‘It took me X volume of years to finally have a kid, yet once we did it was a best thing in a world,’ ” shares East, 26.

“pregnancy + heartbreak”. New video is adult on a YouTube page. Link in bio above. This is by distant a hardest video we’ve ever posted yet we felt as yet it was a story that indispensable to be common as so many onslaught with a same thing. @andrewdeast we adore we some-more than anything in this universe and we know we are going to make a biggest Daddy in a universe someday. Thank we for being my stone by all of this.

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Johnson East says she’s still feeling ill off and on, yet that a integrate are mostly only still struggling with how to hoop a emotions over their loss. “We’re unequivocally sad, and we don’t know if we know how to weep it. It’s a uncanny routine to go through,” she explains.

“We had a really tiny window of time where we enjoyed a thought of carrying a child together, and it was like bang — a subsequent day, all got slammed behind in a face,” says East.

“It’s still tough,” he adds. “I see Shawn looking during kids in strollers and she’s articulate about kids all a time now, [but] we now have to wait a small bit [to start perplexing again], per doctor’s orders.”