Shaun T Honors Twins on a Way (Alongside Surrogate!) during ‘Rustic’ Shower: It Was About ‘Celebrating Our Excitement’


It’s “twinsanity!”

Dads-to-be Shaun T and father Scott Blokker distinguished their twins on a way Saturday with a “really fun” baby showering — and gave PEOPLE all a disdainful details, from a nauseating onesie-decorating hire to a juicy and beautiful doughnut wall.

“The thesis was rustic-fun-slash-farmhouse-slash-pool-party,” celebrity aptness expert Shaun T told PEOPLE. “It was all we are since a babies aren’t here yet, so a celebration was unequivocally to applaud a fad for them — though we did some unequivocally fun stuff.”

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Shaun T

Shaun T

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The integrate reliable to PEOPLE over a weekend that they are expecting a babies via broker and also common an announcement on amicable media featuring a poem with peep cards to brief a beans to Shaun T’s followers.

Shaun T tells PEOPLE Now that after conceptualizing a little outfits for a twins, guest during a baby showering pinned a onesies to a vacant board and wrote “special messages” underneath — usually to be suggested when they are worn.

Shaun T

Shaun T

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The aptness consultant records that he and Blokker appreciated that their broker remained in a credentials during a festivities, so a integrate and their new family could be a focus.

“Our broker is so cool, she’s like, ‘This is not about me. we don’t wish to lay in a chair, we don’t wish to be a core of attention, since this is for we guys,’ ” explains Shaun T.

Shaun T

Shaun T

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When asked about his possess favorite partial of a day, Blokker reveals, “It was only a adore that everybody has and a support for us.”

“Everyone knew a tour and how understanding they were and vehement when they found out that we were pregnant,” Blokker continues. “Sometimes we get held adult in life and things are crazy, though there are days like that where everybody comes and gives we love.”

Shaun T

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The integrate formerly common their tour to fatherhood, telling PEOPLE it took 5 years for them to get profound with a surrogate.

Now, with their broker 28 weeks along, they’re focused on a future.

“I’m only many shaken about a fact that we only wish to be an extraordinary dad,” says Shaun T. “Not that we wish to do all right, though we only wish to be really benefaction and we wish to be so supportive.”