Shark Tank Star Robert Herjavec Says His Ex Is Trying To Extort Him With False Sexual Assault Claims!

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Robert Herjavec is out… and wants out!

According to TMZ, the Shark Tank star is suing ex girlfriend Danielle Vasinova for allegedly trying to extort him for millions with false sexual assault allegations.

After the couple — who dated from 2013-2015 — broke up, the businessman says his ex threatened to go public with claims he repeatedly assaulted her, and gave her herpes.

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Allegedly, Vasinova demanded $20 million, and then reduced the bribe to $5 million. The ABC personality refused to cave in both times.

Additionally, Danielle reportedly sold a story to the National Enquirer about them going to a sex club in 2014 which was promoted to Herjavec as “a legitimate, fantasy experience” and “innocent fun.”

While the investor was (consensually) blindfolded, strapped to a table, and tickled with a feather, Danielle took pics and allegedly used these images as part of her extortion plan.

Fast forward to Monday, the millionaire received a letter saying his ex is back to her old tricks with her alleged assault claims. According to the document, Danielle:

“… bears full awareness that the problems plaguing Hollywood are far bigger than she is, and appreciates fully that her willingness to come forward now will not only be cathartic for her, but will go far in serving the interests of other women and men who have not yet found their voices.”

She is suggesting an “informal resolution,” which Robert interprets as money.

The “Shark” is merely asking for a $1, and wants an end to all of these alleged extortion attempts.

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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