Separate Lives? Kendra Wilkinson Has ‘Handled Business’ While Hank Baskett ‘Handled a Home’

Though their matrimony is underneath strain, Kendra Wilkinson Baskett and Hank Baskett have kept their children a priority — even yet they have opposite parenting styles.

“Kendra’s celebrity is most some-more active and commanding, though Hank has a still strength,” a source tighten to a integrate tells PEOPLE. “They’re overtly both incredible, devoted, hands-on parents. They don’t skip practices or life moments and will do anything to strengthen their kids.”

“If we unequivocally had to contend who’s some-more hands-on — and this is quite since parenting is a partnership — after Hank late [from a NFL in 2011], Kendra rubbed business and Hank rubbed a home,” says a source, observant that no one doubts a couple’s joining as parents.

“Their kids are initial for them,” adds a source.

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Kendra, 32, and Hank, 35, marry in 2009 and share son Hank IV, 8, and daughter Alijah, 3. Their matrimony was rocked by scandal 4 years when Hank allegedly had an event with a transgender model while Kendra was 8 months pregnant.

But according to another source, a former football actor stays “an extraordinary father.”

“Their family is so critical to both of them,” says a source. “Whatever happens, they’ll stay tighten since their kids meant too most to them. They’ll always be in any other’s lives.”

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The Wilkinson-Baskett family

Though a integrate remained committed to any another in a arise of a liaison and attempted to make their attribute work, it hasn’t been easy — quite as they lived detached while she worked in Las Vegas for months final year.

Last month, Kendra admitted to carrying “marital problems” — and this week, a source told PEOPLE the integrate is preparing to split.

“Kendra is only not happy,” pronounced a insider. “She’s always been someone who wanted to be entirely committed, married forever, and was unequivocally a ‘I’ll never get a divorce’ kind of girl, though she unequivocally mislaid trust in her matrimony and she’s satisfied there’s no branch back.”