Semi-legal operation

Protest in foster of giveaway stop in 1971Image copyright

Diane Munday had an stop in 1961, 6 years before a Abortion Act – now 50 years aged – finished stop authorised in Britain. While she could means a Harley Street operation, she knew her neighbours were confronting backstreet procedures with needlework needles. Here she explains how this desirous a life-long debate for reform.

It wasn’t until we was about 21 years aged that we initial listened a word “abortion.”

In those days we had garments finished by a dressmaker and a internal immature married lady was creation me a celebration dress; we went to her residence for fittings. She had 3 immature children and lived in a tiny post-war prefab house. we remember a unequivocally happy family. The father worked in a internal bureau and a children went to dancing lessons.

One day when we came home from work – we was a investigate partner during Barts Hospital – my mom told me a dressmaker had died. we detected she had had a backstreet stop that went wrong. we hadn’t listened of this before – substantially since a word was deliberate unmentionable. At that time a profound lady carrying an stop and anyone who helped her could go to jail for it.

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