Selena Gomez’s Plan To Become A Mom Even If She Never Finds Mr Right

Aww, we can supplement a baby to Selena Gomez’s #goals list! Even yet she hasn’t had a best fitness with men, has schooled EXCLUSIVELY that she’s dynamic to have a baby, even if Mr. Right doesn’t come along!

Selena Gomez, 23, has some-more in store for her life than red carpets, implausible albums and sold-out tours. She is firm and dynamic that she’s going to turn a mom, even if she doesn’t have a male in her life! has schooled EXCLUSIVELY that she’s some-more than peaceful to trade divided a glamorous life a elementary pleasure of apropos a parent. Read on for some-more about Selly’s large baby plans!

“Selena knows with her luminary and past relationships that it will be tough to close down a man. There is only too most that goes with it. The paparazzi, a consistent transport and stretch with careers and all in between that causes a struggle. But that doesn’t meant she doesn’t wish to be a mother. She wants that experience,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Regardless of how her destiny relations go, she will be a mother. She would adore that knowledge some-more than anything.” Pick adult Selena’s extraordinary manuscript Revival by clicking here.

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We know Selena totally loves kids, as she’s shown us time and time again how during home she is with children. She’s especially close to her cousin Sophie and has had a amatory palm in assisting move adult a small girl. And who could forget how lovable she was with ex Justin Bieber‘s small half-brother and sister Jaxon and Jazmyn. Sel really has a maternal side, though we only know a right male will come along for her who will be a ideal father for any destiny small ones.

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HollywoodLifers, do we consider Selena would make an extraordinary mom? Should she wait until Mr. Right comes along to have a baby? Let us know what we think!