Selena Gomez Threatens To Delete Her Instagram & Freaks Out On Fans Who Thought She Was Throwing Shade At Justin Bieber!

SOMEONE'S not happy!


When Selena Gomez pronounced she did NOT wish to talk about Justin Bieber ever again, she positively wasn’t only f*cking around!

On Thursday, a thespian posted — and deleted — a video of herself listening to Lil Wayne‘s strain Single, while adding in her possess commentary.

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The cocktail princess took a shave down after Instagram users suspicion she was throwing shade during her former flame, though not before entirely freaking out on them first!

For context, here’s a video a 23-year-old had posted (below):

Clearly, a artist observant things like “I certain did go by that motherf*cker’s sh*t,” and “I’m single,” led Beliebers to, well, beliebe that she was dissing her ex, and they voiced those feelings in a comments section.

But a beautiful gal didn’t only lay idly by while a IG users speculated.

Instead, she began digitally yelling — AKA typing in all caps — about how a video had literally zero to do with a Biebs.

Ch-ch-check out her response (below):

SOMEONE'S not happy!

However, she wasn’t finished.

After some-more people began to write that a post could means some drama, JB’s ex responded by melancholy to undo her form altogether.

See a screenshot (below):

SOMEONE'S not happy!

Well, if that post wasn’t thespian initially, it certain is now! What would U do if Selena deleted her Instagram?!

[Image around Selena Gomez/Instagram.]

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