Selby pretension counterclaim called off as Barros fails to accommodate ‘fight requirements’

Lee Selby

Lee Selby won a IBF featherweight universe pretension in May 2015

Lee Selby’s IBF featherweight universe pretension counterclaim opposite Jonathan Victor Barros has been called off, withdrawal a Welshman “almost in tears”.

The preference was announced on theatre before Friday’s weigh-in in Las Vegas, only over 24 hours before a quarrel was meant to take place.

The Nevada Athletic Commission did not give an reason other than a Argentine had not met a requirements.

“This was my large stage, my possibility to shine,” Selby, 29, said.

“But trust me, we will be back. we will come again,” he added.

Selby’s third counterclaim of his IBF universe pretension was meant to take place on a undercard of Northern Irishman Carl Frampton’s WBA featherweight pretension hitch with Mexico’s Leo Santa Cruz during a MGM Grand.

Selby was aiming to afterwards face a leader of Frampton’s rematch with Santa Cruz. Frampton has pronounced he is penetrating on a idea, adding he would like to take on a Welshman during Belfast’s Windsor Park.

The abandonment of Selby’s quarrel opposite Barros could impede those plans, though a warrior from Barry still believes a joint with Frampton could be possible.

“Hopefully we can get true behind in a mix, get a discerning win underneath my belt,” Selby added.

“Then we would like to plea a leader of Frampton-Santa Cruz.”