Secret Superstar executive Advait Chandan: Zaira Wasim internalises character, delivers performance

Secret Superstar, Zaira Wasim, Advait Chandan, Aamir KhanSecret Superstar, Zaira Wasim, Advait Chandan, Aamir Khan Secret Superstar executive Advait Chandan praises Zaira Wasim observant that each tension that we see on-screen is genuine and that is her strength

Advait Chandan, who done his directorial entrance with Aamir Khan’s home prolongation ‘Secret Superstar’, says thespian Zaira Wasim, who plays a lead impression in a film, is not a unchanging actor as she “internalises a impression and delivers performance”.

In a film, Zaira has essayed a purpose of teen Insiya who aspires to be a singer. “I consider Zaira doesn’t act, she internalises a impression and delivers performance. Every tension that we see on-screen is genuine and we consider that is her strength. She is still emotionally pure, and not like a unchanging actor who knows how to plan a certain tension on-screen to get a certain effect,” Chandan told IANS.

Giving an instance from a film, a executive said: “Remember a stage where Insia gets undone and bursts out, violation things and great out loud? All we did was ready her emotionally though choreographing her movements.

“As a camera started rolling, she walked around, pennyless a bucket, threw things all over places to demonstrate her disappointment and, as an audience, one could feel a realness of that moment, of that emotion; that’s Zaira for you. She is raw, inexperienced and pure,” he continued.

Though Chandan auditioned Zaira for a impression of Insiya, according to him, removing a right chairman for a mother’s purpose was equally critical given a story revolves around a ups and downs of a mother-daughter relationship.

Of a problems he faced during auditions, Chandan said, “I was looking for some factors like a good, accessible equation between dual actors, that could interpret on-screen nicely; we wanted a mother-daughter somewhere to demeanour similar.”

“In a auditions, some actors was ideal to play a mother, though was not building a rapport with Zaira; some would open adult easily though not demeanour like mother-daughter. Finally, when we auditioned Meher, she connected with Zaira easily and there is a likeness in their looks. The assembly would trust that Insia is a daughter of Najma. we am happy with a right casting,” he added.


“Secret Superstar” expelled on Diwali and has already minted Rs 14.10 crores during a box office.

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