Scorpion Recap 2/22/16: Season 2 Episode 17 “Adaptation”

Scorpion Recap 2/22/16: Season 2 Episode 17 Adaptation

Tonight on CBS Scorpion starring Elyes Gabel continues with an all new Monday Feb 22, deteriorate 2 part 17 called, “Adaptation” and we have your weekly summation below. On tonight’s episode, Team Scorpion contingency stop an liquid of drugs that are being smuggled into a nation by drones.

On a final episode, after a absolute trembler rocked Los Angeles, Team Scorpion had to repair a pinched gas line to forestall a large explosion. Did we watch a final part final season? If we missed it, we have a full and minute summation right here for you.

On tonight’s part per a CBS synopsis, “Team Scorpion contingency stop an liquid of drugs that are being smuggled into a nation by drones. Meanwhile, Walter gives Happy and Toby an final on their new relationship.”

This is really one array that we don’t wish to skip and conjunction do I. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging each part of Scorpion’s second season. In a meantime, suffer a hide look of tonight’s part subsequent for your delight and sound off your comments and tell us how many we are enjoying this second deteriorate of Scorpion.

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#TeamScorpion starts with a male examination a worker go down in a remote area. He goes to it and sees there is a parcel of drugs on it. Toby has a puppet on his palm and is derisive Walter. They are in couples therapy. Walter uses his Toby puppet to ridicule him.

They are with Dr Rizzuto. Walter brings adult Happy and a doc digs into it. He tells them to be honest afterwards asks Toby if he’s removing with Happy. Toby says oh crap after Walter says no fraternizing during work. Ralph and Happy assistance Sly prep for The Price is Right.

He says he’s going to be there subsequent week. Toby and Walter come behind from their event glaring. Happy asks what happened and Toby says they need to talk. She’s dissapoint that he told Walter about their relationship. Toby afterwards tells Paige and Sly.

He says they are Quintas, Team Scorpion’s possess Brad and Angelina. Sylvester is dumbfounded when Toby says they overwhelmed tools many times. Happy says it’s no large deal. Paige asks if Walter knows though he says Cabe is entrance in with a sovereign drug box with a Federales form Mexico.

The Federale says a rustic found a drugs on a crashed drone. It’s bullion jackass – a really critical heroin. Cabe tells them how active this is and how squad wars are being sparked over this product. The Federale shows them many of a victims of these crimes.

The representative wants them to assistance understanding with a drones. He says they have been means to stop trucks and other avenues, though a drones might be a exam for a new smoothness system. Walter says it’s a intelligent apparatus for smoothness given they are too tiny to be spotted.

Walter says radar won’t locate them given it’s excellent tuned to omit tiny things like birds. Walter has an thought of how to strike down a drones. He says it would stop them during a border. There’s a use run they consider is entrance so a gun they’re building contingency work.

They wish to use Sly’s worker and he’s upset. Paige checks off a list of components they need. Happy tells Toby to leave a adore things alone before he hull this. Toby says he has all he wanted and is thrilled. Walter come over and interrupts them.

He tells Toby he has to stay behind since there’s zero there for him to profile. He says he’s a daze to Happy and Walter says he has to confirm between his pursuit and Happy. He says they mangle adult or one of them leaves a team. He says he wants an answer when he gets back.

Toby is indignant and asks who a ruin Walter thinks he is. The Federale says they have to go. Walter talks to a others about a project. Paige says she’ll stay with Toby and Cabe says he’ll work on Walter.

The group is in a dried prepared to exam their ray gun. Sly is dissapoint as he watches his worker pile-up and tumble from a sky. Sly runs off to squeeze it. Happy is examination for a drones approaching. Toby is monitoring from a garage and Paige tells Toby his remarks are what’s giving Walter heedfulness about this.

Cabe tells Walter that he took risks for Paige usually like Toby took for Happy. Paige reminds Toby that he ran off after Happy and ditched a mission. Paige tells him that a group has done them all better. Happy says a drones are coming.

Toby says it’s a sky full of them and not usually a few. Walter checks on his binoculars and sees that a lead worker is weaponized. He shouts for Sly to take cover and he ducks down as a lead worker initial shots during him.

Cabe aims a beat gun though a drones are out of range. Sly gives thumbs adult – he’s okay. Toby asks if Happy is fine and Walter says they all are. Cabe thinks a conglomeration might have famous that a cops were on to them.

Toby says another call is entrance through. They raise adult to leave and a Federale is indignant they’re giving up. Sly says this conveyance is a dump in a bucket. Sly says a beat gun can’t strike out thirty. Cabe suggests a strategy. Walter has an idea.

They need to emanate a immobile trail to slight a approach. Walter says he thinks a other drones are following a categorical worker that is a usually one with a live pilot. Walter says they can spike them one during a time. Happy gets prepared to promote interference.

Toby says they’re coming. They see a swarm. Walter tells Happy to glow adult a division and she does. He drones change march and slight into a line instead of a group formation. Walter aims a gun during them. He takes out a lead one that’s weaponized afterwards takes them down one after a other.

One gets past and Sly wonders where a drug runners get their drones. Walter says one of them is defence to their beat gun and once a drug runners comprehend it, they can urge better. They go chasing a one worker that got away. It’s entrance down to land.

They follow. Cabe says he’s going to go find a worker and wants Sanchez a Federale to watch their six. Walter goes with Cabe and Happy takes a circle for a quick escape. Walter and Cabe climb to a shallow and they find drug runners unloading a drones that got through.

Walter points out a worker they need. One of a drug runners sees Cabe’s thoughtfulness in a behind of a truck. Cabe runs with Walter and they glow during them. Happy pulls adult in a lorry and Walter runs for a drone. He grabs it and they make it to a SUV and take off.

Cabe shot out their tires so he hopes they can’t locate up. Their tire is shot out and they comprehend a weaponized worker is chasing them. Cave aims a beat gun though it’s got no juice. The energy dungeon is out. Paige says she called a Yuma military though they’re an hour away.

Cabe and Sanchez glow during a worker and Cabe says stop a car. He says he can’t get a good shot while they’re in motion. Happy stops. The worker flies by afterwards circles behind during them. Cabe takes a shot and down it goes. He says John Wayne.

Happy can’t holder a automobile since a bullets strike a engine. Sanchez was also strike in a melee. Walter gets Cabe’s coupler to assistance stop a draining and Paige says medivac is 45 minutes. Happy says a engine is sealed up.

Toby tells Sanchez to ease down. He tells them there’s a coyote shed a mile away. Walter says he and Cabe are going to try and take down a drug dealers. Toby tells Sly to get Sanchez to a shed and get him behind on track. Walter and Cabe make a butt trap.

Happy helps Sly get a Federale to a shack. Toby tells them to check a wound. She says it’s draining and Toby says it might have nicked his liver and says things something in a wound that’s absorbent. Happy says she doesn’t like blood.

Sly runs out and grabs a cactus he saw outward that has squashy hankie to store water. He wrings out a H2O and runs behind in with it. He tells Happy to force it in and they argue. Happy puts it into a wound. Toby says his BP should arise if it worked.

Sly says Happy is outward puking though Sanchez is better. Toby says this goal could have used a doctor. Paige says Walter couldn’t have likely wanting a doc and Toby says Walter likes to envision all and says Paige and Walter like a fellowship process since it keeps them apart.

The drug lords proceed a SUV and hear a dungeon phone. The butt trap goes off and Walter and Cabe flog their weapons away. Both drug runners are still alive. Cabe says they’re holding their lorry and entrance to get them though afterwards another lorry comes – a drug dealers also called for backup.

Happy tells Cabe they need to remove a trailer and Sanchez says there’s a switchback. He’s in bad figure and can’t breathe. His lips spin blue. Happy says a male is failing and tells Toby to tell them what to do to save him.

They competition down a highway and a drug dealers follow sharpened them. Toby says a medivac chopper is entrance though Happy has to assistance save Sanchez’s life. He says he’ll speak her through it. He says they have to empty a lung. Sly spots rubber tubing and Toby says find a nail.

He has them emasculate this with tequila. Toby says they have to put a tube into his chest. She takes a swill of a booze. Walter has an thought and has a gun. He leans out and shoots during a tree so it falls opposite a highway restraint it.

Walter says he forsaken a gun accidentally. Happy prepares to put a chest tube in while Sly puts a tube into a bottle. Toby says pull a spike into Sanchez’s back. She asks if he’s crazy and he says she’s a many implausible chairman he knows and he believes in her.

He says she’s a universe category operative and a physique is a machine. He says she needs to drain a brakes. He tells her how to find a right spot. He tells her how to pull a spike in between a ribs. She does it. Sly looks away. Toby says take a tube and slip it in subsequent to a nail.

She says zero many is entrance out. He tells Sly to light a bottle adult a bit and afterwards they put a tube in. It caves and pulls out a oxygen and done a vacuum. Blood comes out and Sanchez coughs behind to life. Toby tells Happy he’s unapproachable of her and Paige says good pursuit doc.

Walter says a drug dealers are behind and Sanchez tells them there’s a bigger problem. They went a wrong way. They are in a box ravine and trapped. Cabe asks if Walter has any ideas though he has zero that will help. Paige says we need to get them out.

Toby tells them he has an idea. The drug dealers get closer and tell them to get out. Cabe says we have to get out son. The drug dealers tell them they know they’re not alone and says tell me where’s your friends.

The drug play says they’re in a dried and no one can assistance them. Walter says he won’t tell them anything. The man kicks and knocks down Walter. Cabe says leave him alone – he’s a boss. Sly gets a weaponized worker cranked and it comes out and they try to glow it down.

Cabe gets a gun from one and Cabe says their friends will glow from a worker and he has no choice. The drug curtain gives up. The medivac chopper shows adult to collect adult Sanchez. Later, Ralph is happy that Walter bought them a string candy machine.

Walter insists he didn’t sequence it and Toby says someone might have stolen his credit card. He whispers to Sly that there’s a Super Fun Guy pinball appurtenance entrance tomorrow. Happy is indignant that Toby put tracking program on her phone though he says that’s how he saved her.

He says he roughly mislaid her during a South Pole and it frightened him. He says he’s been in adore with her for years – she calls him Lenny and says he’s holding a bunny too tight. Happy says she likes him and he won’t remove her unless he pulls a attempt like that again. He says duplicate that. She hugs him.

Cabe comes in and says Sanchez will tarry and a drug runners flipped on their bosses. Toby says a drug guys will find another approach and Sly says they save 4287 lives during a smallest formed on squad wars, ODs and more.

Walter goes to investigate a worker they prisoner to put into a news on a incident. Walter asks Happy and Toby that he hopes their attribute was resolved. They glare. Paige looks during them concerned. Paige goes adult to see Walter.

She tells him Happy and Toby work improved together now that they’re in a relationship. Paige says maybe a group is some-more like an elaborating mammal and says we have to change to thrive. He says a many variable to change that survives though Scorpion doesn’t need to change.

Happy and Toby comes adult and they tell him their preference is that Walter sucks and they won’t quit and he can glow both of them. Toby says they’re a package understanding now. He puts his arm around her and Happy says stop. Walter says they can stay though he’s advancing Toby’s compensate for a string candy machine.

Paige smiles and says she’s unapproachable of Walter vouchsafing a group evolve. He says he hopes it works out since expansion is a disorderly business and says many evolutions lead to disasters. She smiles as he says he can keep an open mind.

Happy tells Toby she shielded his honor. A smoothness man comes with jet skis for Walter. Happy says let’s go before we get fired.