Scheana Marie’s Ex Rob Valletta Opens Up About His Relationship With The Vanderpump Rules Star!

rob talks scheana relationship

Scheana Marie‘s ex Rob Valletta is vocalization out.

As you’ve certainly seen, many of this deteriorate of Vanderpump Rules has lonesome Miz Marie’s mania with her initial beloved following her divorce from father Mike Shay. While a SUR waitress touted a new attribute as a “perfect” one to a cameras, a intrigue eventually didn’t last.

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Although Scheana has already concurred that she looks “really stupid” in footage with Valletta, a Bravolebrity’s former fire has motionless it’s his spin to brief about their relationship. Thanks to Radar Online, it’s given been suggested that Rob’s been conducting small QAs on Instagram about his brief lived intrigue with Scheana.

Here’s what he had to say…

When one supporter online asked if Rob regretted appearing on a Bravo hit, Valletta responded:

“NO. You should never bewail anything we do in life only learn from it.”

Very fair. Still, we doubt Rob misses James Kennedy drunkenly screaming in his Big Bear cabin late during night. LOLz!

In regards to either or not he was “happy” with his preference to dump Scheana, Rob shared:

“No one is ever happy when they mangle adult with anyone [sic] if we truly caring about a person.”

Awwwww. The actor incited businessman serve shielded his ex lady when pushed to criticism on either he suspicion a former Mrs. Shay was “crazy.” His answer?? A simple, “NO.”

And again, when asked if he suspicion Scheana was spooky with him, Rob commented with a “no.” Hmmm, we’re not certain if we determine with him!! Sorry, girl.

As we may’ve seen, Scheana constantly bragged about Rob’s potency on VPR. At one point, she even boasted that Rob could hang a TV in underneath 7 minutes. When one fan inquired if he ACTUALLY pulled this off, Scheana’s ex quipped:

“YES, of course.”

BRAVO! (See what we did there?)

And what about a twosome’s Divorce Closet business venture?? Well, Rob’s selected to go by with a project, yet Scheana has motionless not to deposit in a business. Fair enough.

For those of we anticipating for a settlement between Rob and Scheana, it seems like that isn’t in a cards for them. Per Rob, “yes,” he still speaks with a TV personality, yet “not as most though.” Bummer.

Despite enjoying his army on VPR, Rob isn’t yearning for his existence TV days!

Still, we consternation what Scheana thinks about Rob’s new QA????

[Image around Instagram.]

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