Scary! Kendall Jenner Nearly Swept Under Moving Vehicle But Thankfully Escapes Serious Injury

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It could occur to anybody, and celebs are not immune!

Kendall Jenner was scarcely in an collision that could have severely harmed her over a weekend, when she was roughly pulled underneath a relocating automobile while perplexing to get out and lapse to her hotel room in Italy.

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It all happened after a Versace conform uncover in Milan — Kendall was being driven behind to her hotel, and when they got there, she hopped out.

Only, a motorist didn’t know she was going to bound out so fast, and before he could put it in park to come open her door, a automobile started rolling backwards.

She had to consider fast and bound out of a approach to equivocate a car.


Check out video from a occurrence (below):


At slightest she sealed those autographs for a small girl…

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And she got a good dig in during a paparazzi!


[Image around YouTube.]

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