Sara Rue on Finding Work-Life Balance as a Mom: ‘I Haven’t Played Poker in a Year and a Half’

Sara Rue says infrequently a pivotal to anticipating a ideal balance as a mom means giving adult something we love, though don’t unequivocally need to do.

Explaining how she found a “happy medium” between her career and being a mom to her dual children — daughters Adelaide, 17 months, and Talulah, 5 — a A Series of Unfortunate Events actress, 39, tells PEOPLE Now that she had to “give adult on a extracurriculars.”

“I haven’t played poker in a year and a half and we adore to gamble,” she continues, adding that now it would only seem “weird being like, ‘Bye kids, Mommy’s got to gamble.’ ”

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Sara Rue with husbandnbsp;Kevin Price and daughters Talulahnbsp;andnbsp;Adelaide

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The unapproachable mom tells PEOPLE that she wants her children to know that it’s probable to “go after your dreams” and “fight for a career that we wish to have and that you’ve worked so tough to have.”

In fact, Rue goes on to explain that her comparison daughter is also wakeful that one of the upsides to their mother having a successful career is that she creates money.

“I’ve explained, ‘I adore to act and it creates me feel unequivocally good in my heart,’ that is true,” she says. “And afterwards we also say, ‘You know, we like a residence and we like wearing these garments and it takes income to buy these things,’ and we try to explain that somebody has to go make money.”

Proving only how closely her daughter had been listening to her mother, Rue adds, “One week after we had been left a lot and had been working, she was like, ‘Well, Mom, theory you’re good during creation a lot of money.’ ”

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In 2016, Rue opened adult to PEOPLE about apropos a primogenitor for a second time after she and her father Kevin Price adopted Adelaide.

Rue, who struggled to detect another child, pronounced a integrate “got to a indicate where we unequivocally had to make a choice, and it was a flattering easy decision.”

“We only wanted another child to finish a family, and it unequivocally didn’t matter where she came from as prolonged [as] we were her mom and dad,” she explained.