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[But come on, it was like 4 days ago!]

It’s been half a week given a Game Of Thrones finale, and fans are still confusing to dull all that happened — and suggestive a expose won’t be behind until 2019, they’re in no rush to be done.

Amid a dismay over a opening White Walkers and weird feelings about Jon and Dany’s… relations… there was one incentive of primitive pleasure — observant Sansa and Arya FINALLY spin a tables and take out master caterer Peter Baelish.

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After several episodes in that Littlefinger attempted to expostulate a throng between a unequivocally conflicting Stark sisters, they finally confident what was adult and brought his machinations to light in front of an public — before rupturing his throat with a same blade he sent to kill Bran proceed behind in mellow one.

But a expose took a time stealing to that bloody resolution; a final time we saw a sisters together, Arya (Maisie Williams) was literally unhappy to kill Sansa (Sophie Turner) and wear her face. So what happened??

The conjecture put leading by fans confused by horrifying Arya (Scarya?) was that she and Sansa were play working a whole time, usually insincere to wish to kill any other for a advantage of Littlefinger’s spying.

The enlarged rapist conjecture was arguable by a perfection twist, right? Actually, a deleted theatre changes

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