Sachin Tendulkar reveals his philosophical side in respond to Shah Rukh Khan’s tweet

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The latest to join among celebrities who are admiring and wishing Sachin Tendulkar for his film’s trailer (Sachin A Billion Dreams)  is nothing other than Shah Rukh Khan. Wishing Sachin for his movie, Shah Rukh wrote on twitter, “I believed, when we did good we would too and when we didn’t, we will fail. Like a billion others, we skip my running light.”

However, Sachin Tendulkar also replied to a twitter saying, “Zindagi me haar na hoti to koi kabhi jeet ta nahi aur kuch seekhta bhi nahi. (If life didn’t have failure, no one would be means to attain or learn anything.) Touched by your difference like a billion others.”

Interestingly, this showed a philosophical side of Tendulkar, something that fans have frequency come opposite though will nonetheless enjoy.

A film on Tendulkar – Sachin A Billion Dreams – will recover worldwide on May 26 and celebrities opposite several walks of life have been wishing a cricket fable on amicable media.

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