Ryback On Teased Feud With Triple H And HHH’s Response, WWE Star Wanting Podcast Angle With Him

Source: Conversation With The Big Guy

On part 41 of Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback talked about WWE SmackDown Live’s Dolph Ziggler wanting to set adult an angle on Ryback’s podcast, as good as a teased angle between Ryback and Triple H that never finished adult happening.

According to Ryback, Ziggler always wants ‘The Big Guy’ to “talk s–t about him” on Conversation With The Big Guy to set adult an angle between a two. Apparently, Ryback had a “Little Guy” weight belt done for ‘The Show Off’, as a dual joked that their argument would core on a belt.

“Dolph desperately wants me to speak s–t about him on a podcast all a time since he wants to set adult for [an angle]. We always joked about… we got him a ‘Little Guy’ belt done for one compare adult there. We suspicion we were going to be a s–tty tab team, ‘The Big Guy’ and ‘The Little Guy’. He’s not even [a small guy]. He’s in unusual shape, yet we legit had a ‘Little Guy’ belt done for him and we always had a thing of a large tab run, substantially no tab titles, yet a large tab run, where we eventually spin on him. And we would, [Hulk] Hogan-style come out with a weight belt like a guitar and kick a s–t out of him with a weight belt. The whole angle revolves around a weight belt and how we gave him a ‘Little Guy’ weight belt, yet we kick a s–t out of him with it eventually, only large bad Ryback again and bad small guy. We would always emanate foolish f–king scenarios, so he wants me to keep that alive. And we like him so most we can’t even. He’s going to be so insane that we unprotected this, so if we ever do start articulate s–t, someone can go listen to a repository and comprehend that we don’t hatred him.”

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During a podcast, Ryback removed that there was a indicate that WWE teased a argument between ‘The Human Wrecking Ball’ and Triple H. Ryback pronounced that ‘The Game’ after told him a devise was never for them to work together though.

“I had a uncanny understanding with Hunter. Did we ever tell [podcast co-host Pat Buck]? Do we remember that, where they had a thing where it looked like they were teasing a module with me and Hunter? They had us face off in England after we wrestled Kane. we consider we pennyless my finger wrestling Kane one night. We were doing something and a hands strike and my finger went sideways.”

Ryback continued, “so we get by this compare with Kane. we consider it was a categorical eventuality on SmackDown. Then, they have this large glance [down] with me and Hunter and they teased it for a integrate of weeks with opposite things and afterwards it only went away. It was nothing. And even he came up, ‘the devise was never for us to work, only so we know.’ And we go, ‘oh, okay. we don’t know.’ I’m not in a artistic meetings. we don’t know why. we only do what I’m told. He would always explain things weirdly, but, yeah, that never happened. It would’ve been nice, so he could f–king know that we could wrestle.”

Also, on this part of Conversation With The Big Guy, Ryback and Buck common their ideas for intensity WWE Network programs. Feed Ryback some-more podcast downloads here. If we use any of a quotes from this article, greatfully credit Conversation With The Big Guy with an H/T to WrestlingINC for a transcription.

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