Ryback On Kurt Angle Returning To The Ring, Wrestling Fans Hating Pro Wrestling, RAW Vs. SmackDown

Source: Conversation With The Big Guy

Kurt Angle wasn’t ostensible to lapse to in-ring movement so shortly into his stream reign with a WWE, though he’s already scheduled for a second compare in dual months during a arriving Survivor Series. Ryback gave his thoughts on Angle’s quip in a new part of a Conversation With The Big Guy podcast.

In his initial compare in a WWE in 11 years, Angle teamed with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to better a group of The Miz, Braun Strowman, Kane, Sheamus and Cesaro in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. He was extrinsic into a compare during a last-minute after Roman Reigns was removed from a pay-per-view due to a viral infection. Ryback pronounced he suspicion Angle did a good job, generally deliberation he took a compare on short-notice.

“It was good to see Kurt Angle back. we suspicion they did a good job—people will protest about it no matter what,” Ryback said. “Nobody hates pro wrestling some-more than wrestling fans; we know there were some people that were dissapoint that Kurt Angle came out to a Shield clothes and didn’t come out in his unchanging outfit and song so people were unfortunate about that. He came behind on 3-4 days notice. Great quip story and it was good.”

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Angle was afterwards named a captain of Team RAW for a compare opposite SmackDown during Survivor Series. Ryback pronounced a buildup to a pay-per-view has been a good approach to emanate some matchups that will establish that code is superior. But he did indicate out that a timing of a inter-promotional dispute is uncanny deliberation RAW recently had to steal SmackDown Live luminary AJ Styles to fill in during TLC when Bray Wyatt was private from a label for a same viral infection as Reigns.

“There used to be a compensate per perspective called ‘Bragging Rights’ where they would do Raw vs SmackDown on a whole compensate per view, so this is there approach to do that with inter-promotional matchups to emanate a illusion, though there’s a corner to emanate a conflict, and emanate a fight with a company,” Ryback said. “It’ll emanate for some engaging matchups, though it’s humorous since they do that, though they’ll do it when AJ Styles came in and filled in for Raw, though nothing of it ever creates clarity with veteran wrestling.”

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