Ryan Seacrest Furious Katy Perry’s Making More Money Than Him On American Idol?

Ryan Seacrest Furious Katy Perry's Making More Money Than Him On American Idol?

Ryan Seacrest is a diva of American Idol. He reportedly done $15 million when he was on a FOX series. Katy Perry was reliable as one of a luminary judges. So far, she’s been a usually decider that’s been confirmed. ABC is still scrambling to find dual or 3 other judges to fill in a remaining seats.

Katy Perry inked a $25 million understanding to decider a contestants. The uncover wanted her behind in 2010, though usually for $20 million. She incited them down on their offer. They gave her an offer she couldn’t exclude and now Ryan Seacrest is seething mad.

According to TMZ, Ryan Seacrest has his eye on American Idol. Though he’s Kelly Ripa’s new co-host, he still wants to horde Idol. He’s prepared to horde a ABC reboot. TMZ formerly pennyless that Idol is returning in Mar 2018. They spoke to Ryan Seacrest and his partner Shayna in New York City progressing this month, and he seemed really meddlesome in being concerned with a show.

Ryan Seacrest Furious Katy Perry's Making More Money Than Him On American Idol?

This new gig would require him to fly from NYC to L.A. twice a week. Ryan Seacrest seems like he would be adult to a task. He has a million projects already. What’s one more? According to Page Six, Ryan Seacrest is not happy that Katy Perry is receiving a towering $25 million as an Idol judge. She even bragged about it final week on 103.5 KTU. During a interview, Perry pronounced she’s happy to be creation some-more income than “pretty most any man that’s been on a show.”

Ryan Seacrest got breeze of Katy Perry’s news and he’s not happy. Sources told Page Six that ABC offering Seacrest over $10 million. Since he’s already got a new gig in New York on Live with Kelly Ryan, he’s not happy with a offer. Though a sources won’t plead “negotiations or salary,” it’s transparent that he’s not happy with his offer. He’s anticipating that Idol will change their mind and offer him some-more to horde a show. Another network insider told Page Six that Katy Perry is not removing $25 million to judge.

Ryan Seacrest Furious Katy Perry's Making More Money Than Him On American Idol?

It’s misleading who’s right or wrong during this point. TMZ was a one to news that Katy Perry was removing $25 million to decider on American Idol. This came from sources informed with a negotiations behind a scenes. Multiple sources reliable that ABC was so unfortunate to get a big-name on a uncover that they asked Katy Perry before a Upfronts progressing this month. Katy Perry had all a control, that is how she wound adult with a $25 million offer.

What are your thoughts, CDL readers? Do we consider Ryan Seacrest would be a form of chairman who would be dissapoint over a thought of Katy Perry creation some-more than him? Do we consider he will horde Idol? If so, do we consider he will negotiate for a aloft amount? Sound off next in a comments territory and check behind with CDL for some-more Ryan Seacrest news and updates here.

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