Rubio debate mistakes Canada for US

Media captionMarco Rubio has put out an advert about ‘Morning in America’ regulating a Vancouver skyline.

A new debate advert for US presidential claimant Marco Rubio is earnest a lapse to “morning in America,” though a ad has a object rising over a Canadian city of Vancouver.

The city’s skyline shows prominently in a ad, that recalls Ronald Reagan’s successful 1984 debate slogan.

In a opening moments, a tugboat temperament a Canadian dwindle passes by Vancouver’s harbour.

The Rubio debate has told BuzzFeed that a use of a shave was a mistake.

Guy Chavasse shot a strange video footage of Vancouver final year.

“It’s flattering funny, isn’t it?” a Vancouver-based videographer told a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). “It’s a attractive video, no doubt, though it’s flattering recognizable as Vancouver,”

This isn’t a initial time a candidate’s advert has had difficulty with American imagery.

In September, a organisation ancillary former Florida Governor Jeb Bush expelled a debate ad using batch images from a UK and tools of south-east Asia as stand-ins for US locales.

In January, a Donald Trump debate advert on US limit confidence featured footage of African migrants journey from Morocco into Spain.

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