Roseanne Barr Has Been ‘Reflecting’ On Her Twitter Drama & Now Claims Her Planet Of The Apes Comment Was About Anti-Semitism!

She only figured it out!

Roseanne Barr is removing some most indispensable rr: rest and Rod Serling-inspired excuses!

On Wednesday, a ashamed sitcom star let her Twitter supporters know she’s been reflecting on things — and is still certain she’s not extremist — in a weeks given ABC canceled her uncover over a extremist twitter she wrote about Valerie Jarrett.

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While a network scrambles to deliver her hit with some form of a Roseanne-less reboot, a comedian is still creation excuses for describing Barack Obama‘s former confidant as a cranky between “muslim society world of a apes.”

And after sitting on it for weeks, Ro-Ro finally satisfied because her criticism was so “misunderstood.” She claims a “apes” descriptor wasn’t about race, though a anxiety to Rod Serling’s 1968 sci-fi film “about anti-semitism.”

She twitsplained:

Hear that, low IQ ppl? Roseanne’s twitter was so nuanced, it took her roughly a month to figure it out herself!

Still consider she’s racist? Well afterwards we should know Roseanne has also been examination a documentary about Malcolm X, destined by her “dear friend” Thomas Muhammad — who will also apparently tell we she’s not racist.

See what a comedian had to contend (below).

As for what else she’s been adult to, Roseanne shared:

Roseanne has formerly claimed she had no thought Jarrett was even black. Do U consider her twitter unequivocally was misunderstood, or is she only rodding for excuses?

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