Ronda Rousey WWE Deal Still Being Finalized, Vince McMahon On Who’s Responsible For Her Signing

During today’s 2017 Q4 gain call, Vince McMahon credited Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for Ronda Rousey signing with WWE. The finish of a call had a doubt per Rousey’s purpose in WWE and either it would be full-time, a singular purpose like Brock Lesnar or some-more of an envoy role, identical to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The response finished adult being a longest on a call and enclosed comments from Triple H and Stephanie, who were never even advertised for a teleconference, nor did they carillon in on any of a progressing questions. Triple H jumped in first, and pronounced that they are finalizing skeleton for her. It’s not transparent if he only meant artistic plans, since he afterwards pronounced that she has a multi-year understanding and that she wants to be “engaged” with a association and make it her life.

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Vince combined that Rousey fits in with what they’re doing now with a women’s evolution. Stephanie assimilated a conversation, observant that a women’s expansion has led to women headlining shows. She credited fans for assisting make it happen, observant that #GiveDivasAChance trended on Twitter for days. She combined that a expansion is bigger than any one person.

Triple H finished by observant that Rousey is encouraged by a instruction of a women’s division, and she wants to use her luminary to enthuse other women to turn partial of a company.

You can check out the full summation of today’s discussion call here.