Ronaldo walks out of news conference

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is a Champions League’s all-time tip scorer with 88 goals in 121 appearances

Real Madrid brazen Cristiano Ronaldo walked out of a news discussion on Tuesday after being questioned about his record in divided matches this season.

Ronaldo, 31, has scored 32 goals this deteriorate though has not netted divided from a Bernabeu given 29 November.

“Who else has scored some-more goals divided from home than me given we arrived in Spain?” pronounced Ronaldo, a all-time tip scorer in a Champions League.

“Name one actor who has scored some-more than me. No answer? OK. Thank you.”

Ronaldo was vocalization during a news discussion before a initial leg of Real’s Champions League last-16 tie opposite Roma during a Stadio Olimpico on Wednesday.

In December, a Portuguese became a initial actor to measure 10 goals in a competition’s organisation stage.

Eleven of his goals this deteriorate have come divided from home, though he has not scored in his past 4 divided games.

“It’s distinct that people have doubts,” pronounced Ronaldo. “It’s like with a son when we give him all and afterwards when we take it away, he cries.

“I wish that we can keep this ‘bad form’ adult until a season’s end.”

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