Roman Reigns Praises John Cena, Talks What He Learned From Heated RAW Promos With Cena, More

Source: The Mirror

Roman Reigns did a media call with members of a general media this week and praised John Cena following their new compare during a WWE No Mercy pay-per-view, that Reigns won. Courtesy of The Mirror in a UK, subsequent is what Reigns had to contend about Cena:

“It was a outrageous honour. You don’t unequivocally get to face people like John Cena often. He’s unequivocally a singular breed, we had a lot of complicated things to contend to any other building into a match, though we consider during a finish of a day we both came out of it with a lot of honour for any other, not usually for what we do in a ring, though what we do for a association and all a several responsibilities that come with this role. I’m unapproachable to contend that we was means to kick an contestant and a competitor, a luminary and a purpose indication like John Cena, generally in hindsight, someone who has been on tip of a towering for 15 years. He pronounced it, it’s not only like he was wrestling during a certain level, he was during a chosen level. we don’t consider anybody else is going to have a career like John Cena, to be means to reason a installation down for 15 years, it seems superhuman. I’m only unequivocally blissful we was means to arrangement my ability and my talent in a ring and we had a unequivocally good compare and I’m really unapproachable of it.”

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Reigns also called a argument with Cena one of his biggest hurdles yet. When asked about a burning exchanges he had with Cena in a weeks heading adult to No Mercy, Reigns said:

“I consider we schooled that I’m adult for any challenge. That was one of a biggest hurdles for me and that’s what good competitors do. If we had to reduce myself to contest with John Cena, afterwards there’s no indicate in competing with John Cena. But what he did, like any good competitor, any good superstar, he forced me to step up. As he said, ‘you possibly step adult or we step aside’. I’m really unapproachable to uncover that I’m means to do these opposite things. For a prolonged time my strength has always been in a ring and we haven’t had these stable burner promos that everybody talks about a subsequent day. But, we know inside that I’m means to step up. we know what we have ability correct and talent correct and we consider that’s all that John was perplexing to do, he wanted to move out a best in me and we consider he did that and I’m really beholden for that. we consider that’s my job, that’s a many critical thing about being a tip guy, that we lift everybody up, that we move everybody adult to that standard. It can’t be a other approach around since if that’s a case, afterwards a whole structure is off. we consider he did a good pursuit of lighting a glow underneath my donkey and we consider we did a good pursuit of stepping adult to a arise and we done good TV for it.”

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