Roman Reigns On How He Would Handle Brock Lesnar Shooting On Him, Lesnar Punching Braun Strowman

Roman Reigns is scheduled to face Brock Lesnar for a WWE Universal Championship in a categorical eventuality of WrestleMania 34. It’s a second time Reigns headlines a WrestleMania alongside Lesnar, and “The Big Dog” was recently a guest on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg to plead his opponent.

In an bid to beget a certain fan reaction, Reigns has been doing shoot-promos on RAW where he calls out Lesnar’s opening schedule, his work ethic and his station and Vince McMahon’s “boy.” With Lesnar not appearing on RAW mixed times notwithstanding being advertised as partial of a show, a promos have generally perceived good responses from audiences. Reigns commented on Lesnar’s stream station with a fans.

“It’s a small bit opposite for him, right now, generally where we are during and a things we am bringing to light about him and his impression and work ethic, we consider some of a fans are holding it negatively,” Reigns said. “For a many part, Brock Lesnar is a cold dude, we can’t repudiate a fact that he is a big, jacked adult hermit who comes in and throws people on their necks.”

In further to their categorical eventuality during WrestleMania 31, Reigns and Lesnar have worked together many times in a past. Reigns pronounced over time they have grown a chemistry in a ring, though they’re not tighten with any other over that.

“I’ve had interactions with him, I’ve had story with him. We had a categorical eventuality compare during WrestleMania 31 and we had a few opposite Four-Ways and Triple-Threat matches like that where other characters are involved. It’s a opposite dynamic,” Reigns said. “Every time we are in a conditions like that we do get to spend a small some-more time with somebody. Yeah, on his possess time he seems like a cold dude, we don’t know him that well, though we’re not friends or anything.”

Roman Reigns On How He Responds To Negative Fan Chants, Career Being On Fast Forward, Brock Lesnar

Whenever he works with Lesnar, Reigns knows he’s in for a really earthy match. At a Royal Rumble in January, Lesnar legitimately punched Braun Strowman in a face after Strowman connected with a unbending knee. Reigns pronounced he never backs down from Lesnar’s aggressiveness given it’s zero he can’t handle. He pronounced his upbringing and his past as a college football actor prepared his to compare Lesnar’s physicality should Lesnar confirm to fire on him.

“If he throws dual during me I’m throwing 3 back. My father was a large man. One of a easiest things about wrestling Brock Lesnar is that there isn’t most meditative about it. It’s only all earthy stuff, and I’ve been doing earthy things given we was 7 years old. we played Division-One Football during Georgia Tech, so I’ve seen and been around some of a best athletes in a world,” he said. “What we do is a opposite form of party and athleticism, though we still have to be an contestant in sequence to do what we do all year round, we have to keep yourself in that figure so, I’m never frightened to be means to pull that button, let’s go, if we have to strengthen myself, I’m some-more than capable, no doubt.”

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Source: Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg

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