Roman Polanski Accused Of Raping Another Woman — A German Actress When She Was Only 15

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Such unfortunate allegations…

According to The New York Times, former German singer Renate Langer is accusing executive Roman Polanski of raping her when she was 15, creation her a fourth lady to publicly credit him of passionate assault.

The now-61-year-old says a purported occurrence happened during a residence in Gstaad in Feb 1972 after he had shown seductiveness in casting her in a movie.

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A month later, a filmmaker apparently apologized, offering her a tiny partial in his film Che?, and allegedly raped her again during a residence in Rome where she attempted to defensively conflict him with a bottle of booze and a bottle of perfume.

Langer filed a news with Swiss police, who are still perplexing to establish either they could pierce brazen with a rapist complaint. While Switzerland has separated a government of stipulations on child sex abuse cases, a law still boundary charge on comparison incidents.

Renate did not formerly news Polanski to authorities out of regard for her now-deceased parents. She said:

“My mom would have had a heart attack… we felt ashamed and broke and mislaid and solo.”

The Rosemary’s Baby director’s lawyer Harland Braun reportedly declined to comment.

In 1978, Polanski fled a United States after pleading guilty to orthodox rape opposite then-13-year-old Samantha Geimer. On Monday during a Zurich Film Festival, Polanski done a singular open criticism about a 1970s case.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he said:

“As distant as what we did: It’s over. we pleaded guilty… we went to jail. we came behind to a United States to do it, people forget about that, or don’t even know. we afterwards was sealed adult here [in Zurich] after this festival. So in a sum, we did about 4 or 5 times some-more than what was betrothed to me.”

What a unhappy situation…

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