Robots could assistance solve amicable caring crisis, contend academics

Media captionDr Papadopulos tells Today how a culturally supportive caring drudge would work

Humanoid robots, with informative recognition and a good bedside manner, could assistance solve a predicament over caring for a elderly, academics say.

An general group is operative on a £2m plan to rise versatile robots to assistance demeanour after comparison people in caring homes or easeful accommodation.

The robots will offer support with bland tasks, like holding tablets, as good as charity companionship.

Academics contend they could assuage pressures on caring homes and hospitals.

Researchers from Middlesex University and a University of Bedfordshire will support in building personal amicable robots, famous as Pepper Robots, that can be pre-programmed to fit a authority they are helping.

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It is hoped culturally supportive robots will be grown within 3 years. The programme is being saved by a EU and a Japanese government.

Prof Irena Papadopoulos, consultant in trans-cultural nursing, said: “As people live longer, health systems are put underneath augmenting pressure.

“In a UK alone, 15,000 people are over 100 years of age and this figure will usually increase.

“Assistive, intelligent robots for comparison people could soothe pressures in hospitals and caring homes as good as improving caring smoothness during home and compelling eccentric vital for a elderly.

“It is not a doubt of replacing tellurian support though enhancing and complementing existent care.”

She added: “We are starting with caring homes and with people who are semi-independent vital in easeful housing, though we do trust that in a destiny a robots would turn excusable for people to have in their possess homes.”


Pepper Robots are made by Softbank Robotics and already used in thousands of homes in Japan.

Amit Humar Pandey, a company’s arch scientist, pronounced a organisation wanted to emanate a universe where robots co-exist with humans in harmony, for a smarter, healthier, safer and happier life.

It is hoped a new robots will assistance urge a contentment of their charges by providing party and enabling them to bond better, by intelligent appliances, with family and a outward world.

They will promulgate by debate and with gestures, be means to pierce exclusively and collect adult signs a aged authority is indisposed or in pain.

Similar robots are already being used in hospitals in Japan to perform tasks such as lifting patients and portion food

In a final year of a project, a robots will be tested during Advinia Healthcare caring homes in a UK.

The company’s executive authority Dr Sanjeev Kanoria pronounced it was penetrating to change a caring of a aged by ancillary industrious caring staff.

“Robots can support caring workers by aiding to revoke errors in remedy and aiding them with modernized record to assistance exposed residents, live safer eccentric lives in caring homes and during home.”