Rob Thomas Apologizes To Fans After Making Racist Joke At A Performance In Australia

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Wow — Rob Thomas got into some prohibited H2O Down Under.

The Matchbox Twenty frontman was behaving on his solo debate this weekend when he had a opening in Melbourne that got beheld for all a wrong reasons.

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During a loiter in a performance, Thomas told a throng a story about how he had figured out how to fight jet loiter drifting over from a U.S. and told what incited out to be a really risqu� fun in a process, saying:

“When we get on a craft on your approach here, we start drinking. And afterwards we splash compartment we consider I’m Australian. And afterwards we keep celebration compartment we consider I’m a black Australian.”

After a throng booed, he continued:

“Don’t be racist. And afterwards we splash until we consider I’m a flattering small girl. And afterwards my mother starts to get disturbed about me and we stop celebration for a minute.”

Only it wasn’t a throng who was being racist… it was Rob.

The “black Australian” criticism elicited offense towards Australia’s aboriginal people and that community’s problem in combating alcoholism, so Rob’s fun was some-more than a small insensitive.

On Sunday, though, a frontman posted to Facebook a intense reparation to Australians and fans alike.

Ch-ch-check out his post, in full, below:

Wow. Honestly, good on him for totally entrance purify about how ignorant he was to the situation.

Let’s only wish he learns from his mistakes!

[Image around Rob Rich/WENN.]

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