Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Getting Their Own Reality Show: Ryan Seacrest Producing?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna…coming to a TV nearby you? While it’s no tip a integrate has been prohibited and complicated lately, could their adore life be luscious adequate for a existence radio spot? Ryan Seacrest may think so! has a EXCLUSIVE on this reported project!

Looks like viewers are going to have to keep adult with some-more than usually a Kardashians flattering soon! Rob Kardashian, 28, and Blac Chyna, 27, have apparently been operative on a existence uncover of their possess and a source told EXCLUSIVELY that even Ryan Seacrest, 41, is on board. And apparently things are relocating “very quickly.” Wow, Blac and Rob have positively squandered no time in cashing in on their love!

“Rob and Blac are relocating brazen with their possess spinoff existence show,” a source suggested to EXCLUSIVELY. In fact, a integrate is so critical that they’ve already begun prolongation meetings. “Yesterday Rob and Blac spent roughly dual hours assembly with existence uncover producers in a Beverly Hills office,” a source gushed. And apparently Rob and Blac are reaching for a large guns right off a bat. “The assembly was with Ryan Seacrest’s prolongation team,” a source added.

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Rob privately wants Ryan in on this plan and, according to a source, he’s unequivocally after Ryan being a executive writer of a show. After all, Ryan has had vital success producing TV for a rest of a Kardashian klan. “The uncover could be in prolongation really quick if it gets a immature light from a vital network like E!” a source suggested EXCLUSIVELY. Wow, this is usually even some-more explanation that Rob and Blac are relocating super quick — let’s keep in mind they’ve usually been dating for about a month now. But hey, adore is love, right? And apparently when you’re a soft Kardashian, a usually healthy step is to emanate your possess TV show. There’s no doubt a family knows how to monetize opportunity!

But while a integrate has perceived a poignant volume of recoil towards their attribute — including from Rob’s famous fam — we’re not so certain what their uncover would be about — besides maybe how they understanding with all a haters. However, newly their lives have consisted mostly of trips to a gym. But hey, we’re certain a open wants to know Rob’s tip for dropping a whopping 40 pounds in usually a few weeks. If zero else, Rob would really make utterly an inspirational aptness guru!

What do we consider of a Rob and Blac existence show, HollywoodLifers? Would we balance in?