‘Rift': Film Review | Outfest 2017

This Icelandic thriller is set during a remote outpost populated by dual happy protagonists and some puzzling ghosts.

By now, happy characters and themes have turn informed adequate to audiences that it is easy to make a film centering on happy people where their passionate temperament is not a primary issue. This is a lovely component in one of this year’s Outfest entries, a thriller from Iceland called Rift. The dual categorical characters are gay, nonetheless they seem during palliate with their sexuality. Their on-again, off-again attribute is one emanate they face, nonetheless this partial of a story would not be many opposite if they were a true couple. The categorical plea they face is a menacing, invisible force outward their removed nation home. In other words, a pic is radically a torment film, with a few fear film tropes, that only happens to have dual happy group as a victims of a puzzling attack.

Gunnar (Bjorn Stefansson) is concerned in a new attribute when he receives a late-night call from Einar (Sigurdur por Oskarsson), his former boyfriend. Einar is staying during his family home in a remote outpost, and given there seems to be unprepared business between them, Gunnar creates a tour to this apart area. There they rehash some of a unused issues in their relationship, reminisce about their childhood experiences, and gradually comprehend that there competence be someone else in this clearly waste region. Threatening noises outward a residence grow in intensity, and they see a puzzling figure in red who competence be a fantasy, nonetheless competence also be a genuine intruder.

The film evokes a few classical fear movies. The sound effects remember a secret army that threatened a dual heroines of Robert Wise’s The Haunting. And a figure in red seems a counsel anxiety to a childlike torpedo in Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now. Like those dual films, Rift is some-more of an windy thriller than a blood-soaked Jason or Freddy movie, nonetheless there are a integrate of bloody moments as a pic reaches a climax.

The poser of who is stalking a dual group is never definitively resolved, nonetheless there are a integrate of provocative hints. There competence be an aged male vital circuitously who instituted Einar and other boys into passionate activity. Or a red-coated figure could be an incarnation of Einar’s hypothetical childhood friend. As we learn some-more about both men’s history, we learn that any of them gifted dire passionate initiations. Gunnar was radically raped by dual comparison men. So a fear that stalks them now could be a puzzling essence of unpleasant past histories that have nonetheless to be exorcised.

The film’s ambiguities can be a small frustrating, and executive Erlinger Thoroddsen lets a poser drag on too long. Tighter modifying would have extended a film’s effectiveness.  But a cinematography is striking, sound and song are glorious and a dual heading actors — who lift many of a film by themselves — both give revelation performances. Iceland has constructed a few constrained thrillers in new years, and this has to be counted among a many windy and intriguing.

Production companies: Hero Productions, Myrkraverk Productions
Cast: Bjorn Stefansson, Sigurdor por Oskarsson, Gudmundur Olafsson, Adalbjorg Arnadottir
Director-screenwriter: Erlingur Thoroddsen
Producers: Sigurbjorn Bui Baldvinsson, Baldvin Kari, Erlingur Thoroddsen
Executive producers: James Huntsman, Todd Slater
Director of photography: John Wakayama Carey
Production designer: Gunnar Helgi Gudjonsson
Costume designer: Steinunn Erla Thoroddsen
Music: Einar Sv. Tryggvason
Venue: Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival

111 minutes

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